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What is Shoot House in Modern Warfare 2?

Shoot House is a 6 v 6 map with three lanes in a remote training range. It features a courtyard full of broken-down vehicles, its version of a Shanty Town, and plenty of routes to flank your opponents.

It is one of the most popular MW2 maps and is a remake of the popular Modern Warfare 2019 Shoot House map.

Shoot House comes into MW2 with better textures and a color palette to match the rest of the aesthetic. Players can easily notice the distinctions between its MW2019 counterpart and enjoy the small details Infinity Ward has added to help Shoot House feel like a new experience.

It is one of the 16 total maps featured in Modern Warfare 2.

Players can easily jump into a match in Shoot House from the ‘Shoot House’ playlist in MW2 multiplayer.

  • Launch Modern Warfare 2.
  • Head to the Games category, which features three options, including MW2, DMZ, and Warzone 2.
  • Choose MW2.
  • From here, the first thing you’ll see is a Featured category.
  • In this category, choose “Shoot House.” This will launch a playlist featuring only the Shoot House map.
Shoot House MW2 Mode

Since it’s such a popular map, players can find this playlist when they first launch MW2 under the “What’s Hot” playlist.

It is a competitive map. It’s best to arm your loadout with some of the current meta weapons in MW2 to top the leaderboards easily.

Shoot House Map & Starting Spawn Points

Shoot House has two main spawn points that players begin each match in. The Specgru Spawn Zone is located in the East and consists of Bravo Gate, Back Alley, and Shanty Town.

The Kortac Spawn Zone is located in the West and consists of Alpha Gate, Forklift, and Courtyard. Both are great spawns, but if you’re playing domination, then the Kortac Spawn Zone has more accessible access to B Flag.

There are also a lot of tight corners in both spawn zones, so make sure you understand how to lean in Modern Warfare 2.

Shoothouse MW2

Shoot House Modern Warfare 2 Best Routes & Tips

The best route in Shoot House Modern Warfare 2 is flanking from either of the side lanes. It is never a good idea to head straight down the middle.

That space is very open, and it’s easy for a sniper to pick you off before you reach either side.

If you pass through the junkyard, it’s smart to use vehicles as cover while you move. There are three different routes into this area, so getting caught off guard is easy.

The area with containers is always a hot spot due to how many windows lead into it. If you’re passing through here, make it quick, and don’t try to pick off too many players. Eventually, someone will appear behind you.

Other tips that could help you while in Shoot House include:

  • Take down any UAV quickly. Shoot House has a pretty open sky, so they’re easy to spot, and it could help your team a lot.
  • Be patient when moving through the lanes. Shoot House is a small map. With 6 players on each side, it’s easy to run into someone while turning a corner. Maintain your sightlines and move slowly.
  • Flank your enemies. Don’t try to run toward the action every time. A good flank can help your team move forward.

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