Shiny hunters have a new world of Pokémon to obsess over in the latest release of Scarlet and Violet.

Though shiny fanatics might find getting shiny starter Pokemon a little more challenging this time around, Scarlet & Violet has some new features up its sleeve to increase your chances.

What are Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokémon, first introduced in Generation 2, are color variations of Pokemon with a very small chance of spawning.

As the series has grown in popularity, so has the determination of fans to capture shiny variations. Whole subreddits and forums are dedicated to the subject, and the community has developed proven methods to increase the chances.

Spawn rates sometimes differ by game, but according to a Twitter-based data miner, @Sibuna_Switch, the base rate for Scarlet & Violet is reportedly the usual, one in 4096. Non-starter shiny’s are found in the wild or through breeding.

How to Get Shiny Starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get a shiny starter Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, you can only obtain one through breeding.

Unfortunately, shiny starter Pokemon are not catchable through fixed encounters, gifts, trades, or events. Your best shot at increasing your chances is by getting the shiny charm, using the Masuda method, and crossing your fingers while the Pokémon hatch.

You can breed Pokémon by throwing a picnic, and those in your party have a chance of producing an egg. There are also sandwiches you can make that can increase the eggs produced.

Fuecoco fighting Sprigatito

To prevent random Pokemon breeding, you should only have a female starter Pokemon you want and a male Pokemon of the same egg type in your party. Using a shiny charm will increase the likelihood of a shiny starter Pokemon.

Couple this with the Masuda method; breeding two Pokemon created in games of different languages, can increase the likelihood of a shiny starter or any shiny.

Are Shiny Starter Pokemon Locked in Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, you cannot get a starter shiny from fixed encounters or when choosing your starter Pokemon from the beginning.

Though in previous Pokemon games, you could soft-reset your game endlessly until you received a shiny variant of one of the starter Pokemon, this is not the case with Scarlet & Violet.

Quaxly Playing in the Water

Shiny variants in the latest release are only discoverable in the wild or through breeding Pokemon at picnics and cannot be found in gifts, chests, or during game events.

Can Food Help Increase the Chance of Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Yes, sandwiches made with Herba Mystica increase your chances of getting a shiny version of a specific type of Pokemon.

Shiny sandwiches focus on Pokemon types, like one with basil and one salty, and one sweet Herba Mystica increases your chances of getting a fire-type shiny. Sandwiches also can couple with a shiny charm to increase your chances.

making a sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You find Herba Mystica through endgame Tera Raid Battles or behind Titan Pokemon. But supermarkets and grocery stores around Paldea, like Sure Cans, Deli Cioso, and the Aquiesta Supermarket, sell the other ingredients.

What Do Shiny Starters Look Like in Scarlet and Violet?

If you are trying narrow in on which shiny starter you want to get, Game Freak has included some colorful variations for Scarlet and Violet.

But starter shinies are available only through trades and breeding and do not appear in the wild. By trading starters between game copies and breeding like Pokémon together, a shiny starter is possible.

Sprigatito has only a slightly changed eye color from a light red to a violet iris and darker fur for their Shiny variant.

Shiny Pokemon Starter Sprigatito

Fuecoco’s shiny variant looks as clueless and cute as ever with a more bubble gum pink complexion.

Shiny Pokemon Starter Fuecoco

Shiny Quaxly looks dapper here with more of a teal-colored feather pompadour, along with the same palate change applied to the feet.

Shiny Pokemon Starter Quaxly at night

With all starters being cute and effective options choosing your starter Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet is harder than ever, but some will have advantages over others.