Pokemon Sleep is the latest game in the franchise’s expansive line-up and once again it contains Shiny Pokemon for hunters to go crazy after.

If you’re the type of fan who gets nuts when their Pokemon is a slightly different color, you’re not alone. Shiny hunting is one of the Pokemon community’s favorite pastimes, and it’s present in all mainline titles.

Now, as a new Pokemon game begins to roll out worldwide, fans are asking the question we all knew was coming: can you get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

Can You Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep?

Yes, Shiny Pokemon can be encountered in Pokemon Sleep! Each Pokemon that you find dozing around your Snorlax following a good night’s rest has a low chance of being Shiny.

Even Snorlax itself has a chance to be Shiny, though it’ll leave at the start of the following week, like any other Snorlax.

Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep

Although Shiny Pokemon are not common, their spawn rate does seem to be significantly higher than in other Pokemon games.

After all, the game has barely launched and many fans are posting that they found a Shiny Pokemon after only one night’s rest!

A raised Shiny encounter rate would make sense though, as players will only find a small handful of Pokemon each time they get some sleep.

If the mobile game maintained the same Shiny rate as a mainline title (1/8192 chance of a Pokemon being Shiny), almost nobody would be encountering the different color variants!


How to Get a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep

Shiny Pokemon encounters are entirely random in Pokemon Sleep, as every Pokemon you find after a good night’s rest has a low chance of being Shiny.

Currently, there is no way to guarantee finding a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep, nor is there a way to raise your Shiny odds, such as by using a Shiny Charm.

We recommend stocking up on Biscuits so you’re able to befriend any Shiny visitors as and when they arrive. Otherwise, your Pokemon will leave without being captured and you may not find it again anytime soon.


For Shiny Hunters, there’s always the option to use multiple phones while you slumber, as a way of boosting your odds.

However at a certain point, you might wonder if sleeping beside a handful of phones is truly worth the effort.

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