While players are already hard at work hunting Shiny Pokemon in the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, a new Shiny farming exploit has emerged.

Taking advantage of this bug or feature can increase your Shiny Pokemon chances from a base rate of one in 4096 to one in 1365. A massive difference for players invested in Shiny hunting!

This method can also be stacked with consumables with the Sparkling Power and the Shiny charm to increase your Shiny chances. It only requires one thing, Mass Outbreaks.

What Is the Shiny Farming Exploit?

The Shiny farming exploit is when a player takes out 60 Pokemon in a Mass Outbreak and then has a Picnic to respawn them. They rinse and repeat this process until a Shiny spawns.

A Mass Outbreak is a large gathering of the same Pokemon that continually respawn for a set period of time.

Mass Outbreak on Glaseado mountain

Though items boosting Shiny chances can stack with the exploit, Shiny farming with this method can take under an hour with no items.

But some Shiny Pokemon can be hard to tell apart. To make sure you don’t accidentally knock out a Shiny, learn how to tell if Pokemon is Shiny in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How To Use the Shiny Farming Exploit

To utilize the Shiny Farming Exploit, find a Mass Outbreak on your map, go there, take out 60 of the Pokemon, and reset their spawn with a Picnic.

Rather than battle each Pokemon individually, use the new Let’s Go feature to have your Pokemon auto-battle and have healing items or a Pokemon Center nearby.

To find Mass Outbreaks, open your map with the “Y” button, and then zoom in or out with the triggers to find a flashing Pokemon icon.

For full instructions and tips, look below:

  • Press “X” to open your map.
  • Zoom out or in with “ZL” or “ZR” triggers.
  • Locate a flashing pink Pokemon icon or question mark on your map.
  • Set a waypoint to that location with the “A” button.
    • Or select a feather icon or Pokemon Center near that location to take a Flying Taxi there.
Mass Outbreak Pokemon Violet Paldea
  • Once there, press the “R” button to send your Pokemon to fight the Mass Outbreak Pokemon.
  • Fight 60 Pokemon.
Lets Go Skeldrige
  • Press “X” and select Picnic in a flat Space.
  • Press “Y” to “Pack Up and Go.”
  • Scan the area for any Shiny Pokemon.
  • Repeat these steps (from the Mass Outbreak site) until a Shiny Pokemon appears.

Make sure to choose Mass Outbreaks in areas around your Pokemon level or preferably below to make clearing the Outbreak easier.

Also, by using the TM False Swipe on your Pokemon before farming, you can ensure you do not knock out a Shiny Pokemon accidentally.

For more methods to increase your Shiny odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, take a look at our guide.

Can the Shiny Farming Exploit Stack?

Yes, Sparkling Power sandwiches and the Shiny Charm can stack with the Shiny farming exploit.

By crafting sandwiches with Herba Mystica, you can boost your Shiny chances for certain types of Pokemon. And you can use the endgame Shiny Charm with the exploit.

the end screen of the sandwich mini-game in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Herba Mystica, seen in post-Titan cutscenes, is only obtainable from Five, Six, and Seven-Star Tera Raid Battles. Once obtained, by following our guide, you can make Sparkling Power Shiny boosted sandwich recipes.

Five-Star Tera Raid Battles are available after completing all three campaigns. Six-Star Raids require completing all post-game tournaments. The Pokemon Company schedules Seven-Star Raids as in-game events.

The Shiny charm is obtained by completing the Paldea Pokedex by catching all 400 Pokemon. Then you must visit Professor Jacq in the academy biology room to receive it.

Has the Shiny Farming Exploit Been Confirmed?

Yes, the Shiny farming exploit was confirmed by several online outlets like Polygon and Kotaku and by several Reddit users.

Youtuber PhillyBeatzU published the first explanation of the method this Monday. In the video, PhillyBeatsU demonstrated the method step by step and eventually caught a Shiny Pokemon after several attempts.

Follow our guide on how to catch shiny starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Or, if you plan on diving deep with the Masuda method, take a look at our how-to-breed Pokemon guide.