To make progress in Shi No Numa Reborn, players will need to track down two halves of a mirror.

The new and improved Shi No Nume as here, in Vanguard Zombies’ first round-based map. As ever, the map has a lot of secrets to uncover, as well as some Easter Eggs you’ll need to know about.

If you’re hopping into Vanguard Zombies and you’re not sure what to do, have no fear. We’ve got a variety of Shi No Numa guides for you, including where to track down those pesky mirror pieces.

Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon & Ray Gun

First off, make sure you’ve found all the Shi No Numa Cypher pieces to complete the Ceremony.

You’ll also need to get your hands on the Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon – get it for free here!

Where to Find the Mirror Pieces in Shi No Numa

If you’re looking for the mirror pieces as part of the Shi No Numa Main Quest, here’s where to look:

  • To begin your search, head to Flogger Courtyard. You’ll see an empty Perk Fountain that says it’s Out of Blood.
  • Kill Zombies nearby the Fountain, making good use of the nearby log tram if needed.
  • When it fills up with blood, one player can drink the blood to gain special spectral vision.
  • That player needs to immediately run West to Storage Hut, where the mirror is sitting on top of a beam by the roof.
  • Shoot it and then pick it up when it falls.
Mirror Piece Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa
  • The second mirror piece is in Fishing Hut but you can’t find it right away. Use the Zombie Blood vision to look around the Mess Hall until you see a glowing red orb.
  • Follow this orb and it’ll guide you to the Fishing Hut before dropping the mirror piece.
Shi No Numa Second Mirror Piece
  • However, be ready to encounter a lot of enemies spawning as you follow it.
  • Once you have both halves of the mirror, head to Dig Site and assemble the mirror on the stone podium in the center.
  • Then, continue on with our full Shi No Numa Main Quest Guide!

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