Shi No Numa has two new Easter Egg Songs to track down – here’s where to find them.

Every time a new Call of Duty Zombies map drops, you can bet there are going to be more than a few secrets to uncover. It’s only been a handful of hours since the launch of Shi No Numa in Call of Duty Vanguard, and players are still busy uncovering all of the map’s secrets.

But one thing fans were quick to track down were the Shi No Numa Easter Egg songs. These musical tracks tend to play in Zombies maps under certain conditions, but only the most eagle-eyed players will discover them.

And speaking of things that only hardcore fans will discover, did you know that you can build the Shi No Numa Wonder Weapon for free? Our guide will show you where each piece is located, and how to put them all together.

How to Find All Easter Egg Songs in Shi No Numa – Vanguard Zombies

Samantha’s Sorrow Easter Egg Song Guide

To play the returning Easter Egg song ‘Samantha’s Sorrow’, simply head to the Fishing Hut and shoot each of the 4 pans that are hanging on the walls.

Shi No Numa Pans

After that, you can interact with the pile of hay in the Southern side of the hut, next to the ammo symbol on your map, and a Samantha Doll will spawn.

A song will start to play, and you need to run to the Fishing Hut Exterior, along the nearby wooden bridge. While the song is playing, Samantha Dolls will spawn on the bridge railings, and you need to shoot each one as fast as possible.

Shi No Numa Samantha's Sorrow

After you’re successful, return to the original Samantha Doll inside the hut and interact with it.

You’ll receive a free Max Ammo Power-Up and the song ‘Samatha’s Sorrow’ will begin to play! If you’re struggling, a full video guide to this Easter Egg can be found below.

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The One Easter Egg Song Guide

The Easter Egg Song ‘The One’ also returns in Vanguard Zombies, at least in an instrumental track.

Activating it is as simple as heading to Comm Room and interacting with the phone on the desk.

Shi No Numa Easter Egg Song The One

After that, sit back, avoid the undead, and enjoy an epic instrumental version of ‘The One’!

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Thanks to TheGamingRevolution for pointing out these Easter Egg Songs in Shi No Numa! You can hear each one below:

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