One of the best battle items in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the Shell Bell. Here’s where to find it:

If you’re gearing up for the new 7-Star Tera Raid Battles or you’re dipping your toe into competitive battling, you’ll need some powerful items.

For several generations, the Shell Bell has been seen as one of Pokemon’s must-have items. Getting your Pokemon to hold one will give them that extra survivability which could be the difference between life and death.

But where is the Shell Bell hiding in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Where to Find Shell Bell Location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A Shell Bell can be acquired in one of two ways in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

  • Purchased it from the Delibird Presents store in Levincia for ₽20,000. This item is available right from the start of the game.
Where to Buy a Shell Bell in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Given out by the League Rep at the South Province Area Three Pokemon Center as a reward for beating 6 nearby Trainers.
Where to Get a Free Shell Bell Scarlet & Violet

If you want to get your hands on more than one Shell Bell, you’ll need to buy them from Delibird Presents. Thankfully, they don’t cost nearly as much as some of Pokemon’s more powerful competitive items:

What Does a Shell Bell Do?

A Shell Bell, when given to a Pokemon to hold, will restore HP to that Pokemon equal to 1/8th of the damage it dishes out. If a Pokemon uses a multi-strike move, the Shell Bell will only activate after the last strike, considering all damage to have been dealt at once.

This makes the Shell Bell an incredible item to have on your tanky or high-damage dealing Pokemon.

Pokemon given a Shell Bell will be able to keep themselves alive for longer, without the need for support moves or healing items.

four trainers in a Tera Raid Battle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Shell Bell vs Leftovers – Which Is Better in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Generally, Leftovers is a better option than Shell Bell when it comes to trainer battles. This is because Leftovers can heal your Pokemon no matter if it’s attacking, using a stat-boosting move, or even asleep.

Shell Bells are best on powerful attackers too, but those Pokemon would likely be better with one of the best items for damage dealers.

However, in Tera Raid Battles you’ll be able to deal massive damage, leading to incredible heals with Shell Bell. We’d advise putting it on your best Pokemon for Tera Raid Battles over Leftovers anytime.

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