Splatoon 3 has a very special Sheldon Drone that you need to unlock ASAP – here’s everything you need to know about the Shel-Drone.

Splatoon players might know Sheldon as the talkative individual who runs the Splatsville weapon store. But not only does the weapons-dealer help deck you out for multiplayer action, but it’s a little-known fact that he’ll also help you out in the story mode.

That said, you’ve got a lot of work to do before the shopkeeper comes and offers you some bonus rewards.

How to Get the Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3

To find the Shel-Drone in Splatoon 3, follow these steps:

  • You’ll first need to complete the game’s Hero Mode campaign, and explore 100% of Alterna.
    • This includes collecting every item from around the Splatoon 3 Story mode map and uncovering every bit of the map. If you see areas like the ones highlighted below, you need to head to them and set foot on them to uncover that area!
  • Go and talk to Agent 2 in the Squid Sisters Camp, and she’ll congratulate you on surveying all sites. Plus, you’ll have some map stickers sent to your terminal.
  • Only after this will the rare drone come to visit with some exciting drops up for grabs
Unsurveyed Areas on Splatoon 3 Map
Credit: Wood Bottle Games

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Shel-Drone Location

Once unlocked, the Sheldon Drone will arrive next to the Squid Sisters Camp in Future Utopia Island, the first site players visit after the Return of the Mammalians campaign tutorial.

Future Utopia Island in Splatoon 3

How to Use the Shel-Drone

To use the Shel-Drone, simply interact with it with A and select ‘Start It Up!’ The drone will charge you 999 Power Eggs and can only be used once a day.

After taking your Power Eggs, the Shel-Drone will fly away and search Alterna for goodies to bring back.

Sheldon Drone in Splatoon 3

All Shel-Drone Rewards

The Shel-Drone will always bring back a rare item of some sort, including:

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How to Get Your Sheldon Drone Rewards

  • To receive your goodies from the Shel-Drone, simply wait until the day after you sent it away, and go to the Lobby.
  • Next to where you start your multiplayer matches, check out the Lobby Terminal with A and select ‘Get Stuff’.
Splatoon 3 How to Claim Shel-Drone Rewards

Don’t forget that you can use the Shel-Drone once a day, so come back every day to grab some bonus rewards.

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