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Several Retailers Warn That Some PS5 Pre-Orders May Be Delayed Until 2021

It’s a hard time to be a PlayStation fan, as PS5 pre-orders seem to be unavailable from many retailers until 2021.

With PS5 pre-orders selling out in a matter of minutes, many Sony fans were left with disappointing news when the console became available earlier this month. Now, as more PlayStation fans attempt to get their hands on the upcoming hardware, it seems that it may not be possible at all this year.

GameStop PS5 pre-order

Many gamers who entered an online queue to pre-order the PS5 are hearing that their order might be delayed. After paying €50 to enter GameStop’s electronic queue to purchase the PS5 on September 17, one user reported the following message:

“Thanks for reserving your place in the queue for the PlayStation 5. We know you want to get your hands on the console as soon as possible, but unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control, we’ve now got confirmation that we won’t be able to fulfil your pre-order until 2021.”

It seems that the demand for the console is too high for GameStop to manage. Either that or the retailer now has a better idea of just how many devices it will be receiving.

It’s Not Just GameStop That’s Struggling With PS5 Pre-Orders

GameStop isn’t the only retailer having issues, however. Online gaming store ShopTo has already sent out emails indicating that they are facing stock struggles too.

After placing an order on September 3, one customer reported that ShopTo sent them the following email:

In the email, the ShopTo team isn’t able to confirm a date where the PS5 pre-orders will become available. However, they do indicate that they have some devices in stock for those who ordered early.

Although the retailer doesn’t specify a delay until 2021, this may end up being the same delay GameStop is experiencing. Amazon is warning buyers about high demand causing customers to miss out on the PS5 release date delivery.

If you haven’t received an email from your retailer of choice, chances are your pre-order is safe. We know from reports that the PS5 production is set to surpass that of the PS4.

Therefore, although demand is at an all-time high right now, stock levels will soon be on the rise. By the console’s launch, Sony will likely have a much higher number of next-gen devices on the market.

For those players dying to get their hands on the PS5’s incredible launch lineup, the wait is almost over. Unless your PS5 pre-order does end up delayed until 2021.