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TikTok Server Status

Our real-time TikTok server status monitor let's users know instantly if the app is down or not working.

The live monitor checks for any issues on both iOS and Android, reasons for TikTok not working and where it's affecting users geographically.

Is TikTok Down?

Android: ONLINE
Updated every 60 seconds (requires refresh)
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TikTok Server Issues (Reported)

TikTok Down by Platform

TikTok Errors Reported

11 hrs ago
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Which platform are you having issues with?

  • iOS
  • Android

What is the issue you are facing?

  • Can't log-in
  • Error Code
  • Other

TikTok Server Discussion

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[email protected]

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

I have sent my complaint of failure to upload my videos on tiktok,for three days now but no reply ,pliiz sort that out, Tiktok account @nanderawinnie898

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