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Facebook Down – Server Status

This Facebook Server Status is constantly checking if either the FB app or website is down right now.

If FB is down on either the app or website the status will be updated below. Facebook has been down frequently in the past with many users complaining about the social media service being inaccessible or not working.

Is Facebook Down?

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Updated every 60 seconds (requires refresh)
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Facebook Server Issues (Reported)

Facebook Down by Platform

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Which platform are you having issues with?

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What is the issue you are facing?

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Facebook FAQs

How Long Is Facebook Going To Be Down Today?

Previous outages have shown us that Facebook will usually be back up within 20 minutes. However, in March 2019 Facebook experienced server issues which persisted for over 24 hours.

Unless it's scheduled maintenance, it's not possible to know exactly how long Facebook will be down for on any sudden outage. Rest assured FB has a huge development team working 24/7 to ensure the reliability of the platform.

Why Is My Facebook Not Working?

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to diagnose an issue with your Facebook account.

STEP 1: Are you seeing an error message or code? Follow the guide below to check if you can fix it.

STEP 2: Check if the FB servers are down. If the status shows as having "Issues" or being "Down" above, then it's possible you can't access your account due to a wider outage.

STEP 3: Clear your browser cache.

STEP 4: Contact FB Support

STEP 5: If you're on iOS or Android you can try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Facebook Status Discussion

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Tuesday 1st of September 2020

My Facebook kepts crashes me out logging me out try up new account why I don’t it’s bloody ridiculous

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