Xbox Live Server Status – Down or Online

Xbox Live Status

Is Xbox Live down or online for Xbox One or Xbox 360?

Xbox Servers (Services):
Xbox Live Core Services – ONLINE 
Purchase and Content Usage – ONLINE 
TV, Music and Video – ONLINE 
Social and Gaming – ONLINE 
Game Issues: None
Website – ONLINE 
Apps – ONLINE 

Updates every 60 seconds (requires refresh)

For notifications on the servers follow us here and turn on notifications.

Why are the Xbox Live servers down?

If the monitoring status above indicates “Xbox Live Down”, it could be due to many reasons. Scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is most likely, however other unforeseen issues can pop up. System updates or popular times such as a big game release have been known to cause issues in the past, these situations are hard to plan for, but generally they’re fixed fast.

The have been reports in the past of Xbox Live being hacked or DDOS’d, this is a problem that wasn’t limited to Xbox with other gaming services affected as well. Problems with sign in on Xbox Live has been a big issue with a prolonged outage as recent as August 2018, this particular issue showed the error code 0x800488FC and affected users worldwide.

Xbox Live Error Codes

These are common Error Codes which have been appearing on Xbox Live on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Be sure to check the Xbox Live Status before diagnosing your own console.

8015d000 – This is a well known error on Xbox 360. It happens if you change your microsoft account for Xbox 360. This profile cannot be downloaded right now. Make sure to check you didn’t enter an incorrect email address or password. Also make sure there’s not a problem with your Microsoft account.

80072ef3 – Happens when signing into Xbox Live. Potential reasons could be network congestion, corrupted data on the hard drive or an overdue balance on your subscription.

8015d002 – Happens on Xbox 360 when trying to login to Live. Reasons could be wrong password or email doesn’t have Xbox Live membership.

0x80070bfa – This is either a console error or Xbox Live error. Try restarting your console, or even a hard reset by holding down the home button for 10 seconds. If not, keep an eye on the server status to make sure there’s no issues there.

0x8000ffff – On Xbox 360 you’d see “We were unable to get your last saved data or we weren’t able to get your messages. Please try again later”. Whilst on Xbox One you’d see “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live.” Test your connection and try restarting your console for this error. If everything is fine it’s most likely a bigger server status issue.

0x80072ee7 – This can happen when trying to open content. Usually a network issue. Make sure the servers are online and test your connection.

0xcffff82b – Usually an issue on Xbox One after you’ve changed your password for your Microsoft account. Make sure you can sign into your Microsoft account elsewhere. Try restarting your console or removing and adding your account back to your console.

0x800488FC – Xbox One sign in issue, ‘cannot sign in’. This most recently happened in August 2018 and was due to a server issue with Xbox. After a prolonged outage this was fixed but our team will be monitoring it closely if it happens again.

In all cases a router restart and console restart is an option worth trying, simple solutions like these can be very deceptive in fixing a lot of errors. Remember to try a hard reset by holding the home button down for 10 seconds.

Xbox Live Outage

There is generally at least a few Xbox Live outages per month, however the server up-time is generally very good. Our system checks the servers at least once per minute but rest assured if anything major happens we’ll be updating this page with the latest information and solutions.