Server Status

Here at GamingINTEL we are dedicated to making your gaming experience as informed and smooth as possible. Our developers have created a way to track the server status of each game and provide more detail when any games go down or are in maintenance.

Which servers do we monitor?

As our team integrates more server checks this list will increase. The server monitor updates live (generally with a delay of up to 1 minute). We will be predominantly covering gaming servers but also branching out into other technology servers which gamers may use. Our down detector flags up right away to keep you informed.

Why do gaming servers go down?

There are many reasons games and websites can go down. These include but are not limited to high peaks of traffic around updates, betas, release day and even holidays such as Christmas. Scheduled or emergency maintenance has also been a big reason for disruption, often when fixing previous errors or vulnerabilities. A more serious problem in recent years has been alleged server hacks and DDOS attacks.

You will often receive an error messages listing an often obscure message with a diagnosis code, if there is a server issue this is mainly for the developers help in knowing what’s going wrong. However, if there is an issue with your network or hardware it will help you diagnose your own issues.

What if the servers are up but mine isn’t working?

The server status flags up as down if there are any significant issues.┬áIf the servers are listed as down for any given game or platform, it does not necessarily mean it isn’t working for everyone. This includes if servers are up, for some people it might not be working.

If this is the case, we strongly recommend you diagnose your own hardware and internet connection, including a reboot of your router. Our down detectors cannot track every single connection, some may be affected my region, others by which version your running or some by misconfigured hardware.

It would be worth tweeting us with your platform, error message and region so we can ask the rest of our following whether anyone else is also experiencing issues. Sometimes we will provide a solution which can speed up the process of getting back online.

How long until the servers are back up?

Without knowing times beforehand such as scheduled maintenance, how long the servers will be down for is a very open-ended question. Usually servers are back up within an hour, all big development teams will have developers working 24/7 and will be made aware very soon after there are any issues due to social media and other monitoring systems.

Servers being down from an influx of traffic (such as launch day) can be harder to fix as they may have underestimated the infrastructure needed to handle the users numbers. Hacks and DDOS attacks can also be underestimated as these would have been unforeseen and usually a continued effort to keep the service down. A bug from an update can usually be rolled back or fixed pretty quickly. You should keep an eye on our monitoring pages as these will be updated within a minute of the servers going back up.