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Sephiroth Confirmed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Next DLC Fighter

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy will join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as its next DLC character. 

Nintendo confirmed it would unveil a new fighter for the Smash Ultimate roster on the morning of December 10. The official announcement came in the form of a reveal trailer during The Game Awards 2020.

Sephiroth Super Smash Bros Character

Sephiroth will be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 9th downloadable fighter, and its 78th unique character overall (excluding Echo Fighters). It is also the third new addition to come as a part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

As with all other DLC characters, Sephiroth will have a new stage join him in Smash. Naturally, competitors will be able to enjoy music from the Final Fantasy series while playing on Sephiroth’s stage.

After such a hype reveal, fans are undoubtedly dying to get their hands on this new character. While we didn’t get an official release date, we do know Sephiroth will become playable in Smash Ultimate sometime this month.

A closer look at Sephiroth in Smash

Sephiroth’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer showed him facing off against many iconic characters. Naturally, he dueled with Cloud, along with nearly murdering Mario in cold blood.

Sephiroth in action SSBU

With Sora and Geno as potential frontrunners for a second Square Enix character, Sephiroth was definitely a surprising pick.

All throughout the day leading up to The Game Awards, Smash fans on Twitter tried to guess who the new fighter would be. In this case, Sephiroth wasn’t one of the trending predictions.

Sephiroth and Mario

With Steve and Sephiroth as the most recent additions to Smash, it’s hard to guess who could be coming next. Take a look at our list of potential newcomers for the rest of Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

Official Reveal Trailer
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