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Secret Warzone Killstreak Will Help You Win the Game

Warzone Season 6 is finally here, and a new killstreak is helping players win the game easily.

Killstreaks in Warzone are powerful abilities that turn the tides of competition. UAVs, Precision Airstrikes, and more are purchasable from Buy Stations, or lootable from the map.

However, Season 6 brings with it one new, secret killstreak which is guaranteed to give players a good shot at winning the battle royale. This new reward is called Foresight, and it allows you to see the future of the Warzone map.

What Does Foresight Do?

When activated, the Foresight killstreak will display all future circle locations on the map. This will allow players to get to the best possible vantage point as the ring moves in.

The killstreak even displays locations that the circle will move to, after the final ring has moved in. It’s a tremendously useful perk to have on your side, and one of the game’s stronger killstreaks.

Previously, players had to rely on elusive Recon contracts and complete them in order to get a glimpse at the future. Now, Warzone operators will have to bear in mind that their enemies might already be waiting at the optimal positions on the map.

Where to Get the Foresight Killstreak?

When it comes to getting your hands on Foresight however, the task isn’t as simple as it sounds. The killstreak won’t simply be found at random around the Warzone map.

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It appears that Season 6’s secret killstreak is only lootable inside the bunkers of Warzone. Players will have to make a specific trip to one of the map’s secret bunkers in order to make use of Foresight.

There are currently 6 bunkers active in Warzone, but players will need a key code in order to gain access to them. Each bunker’s location and the code to enter them is available in the image below:

It’s worth pointing out that Foresight isn’t the only thing present in these bunkers. Each site is full to bursting with loot, and one even contains a nuke.

The nuclear warhead isn’t ready for use, but it is the final clue in Warzone’s Week 8’s Intel Missions. Expect a mad rush in the Warzone bunkers once players figure out that Foresight gives you a good shot at winning the game.

Once people have got a good idea of where the final ring will be, perhaps fighting on the map will get more concentrated in a single area. With players making use of both Foresight and the new C4 trick that can eliminate a full squad in seconds, Warzone is about to get pretty hectic.

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