Key Points
Completion Time:
2-5 Minutes
Buried Treasure Chest (Random Loot)
Must Haves:
None Required

Embarking on a new quest north of Kyovashad, players will encounter the enigmatic Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring Riddle quest.

This early game side quest in Diablo 4 takes players to an enshrouded spring, presenting them with a challenging puzzle.

Players must traverse uncharted territory in the vast Diablo universe to crack this mystery.

Solving the Secret of Spring Riddle

To successfully conquer the Secret of the Spring Riddle in Diablo 4, players need to navigate to the spring located in the Trough of Orobas region and activate the “Wait” emote.

Upon performing this emote, a Buried Chest materializes on the north side of the spring, signifying the successful completion of the side quest.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide:

Location of the Spring Riddle Note

  1. The Spring Riddle Note can be unearthed in the Kylsik Plateau.
    • This note is conveniently located north of Kyovashad, right underneath the forsaken Quarry Dungeon.
    • You’ll spot the note on the ground, marked with a distinctive blue checkmark above it.
    • The cryptic note reads, “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.”
Diablo 4 Spring Riddle Note Location

How to Find the Secret of the Spring

  1. Venture to the spring nestled in the Trough of Orobas.
    • Upon discovering the note, a faint blue circle appears on your map, encircling the area where the spring lies hidden.
    • Follow the depicted path in the map provided below to reach the spring.
Secret of the Spring Diablo 4 Solution Location

Unlocking the Riddle’s Secret

  1. Start by equipping the “Wait” emote.
    • Open your Emote Wheel by pressing “E” or the “Up” button on your D-Pad.
    • Look for the Customize option that can be found below the wheel and select it.
    • Scroll past “Yes,” and you’ll spot “Wait” tagged as Not Assigned.
    • Assign this to an available slot on your Emote Wheel.
Emote Wheel Customization
  1. In front of the spring, perform the “Wait” emote:
    • To do this, bring up your Emote Wheel.
    • From the options, select the “Wait” emote.
    • Upon performing the emote in front of the spring, a treasure chest materializes, indicating the successful completion of the quest.

Treasure Chest: The Spring Riddle’s Reward

The treasure chest that surfaces as a result of the riddle provides random loot. This loot is of a higher caliber compared to what you might typically find in other world chests.

Spring Riddle Treasure Chest

In the context of the riddle, the “beacon of warmth” symbolizes the hot spring amidst a chilling blizzard, while “patience rewarded” refers to the player demonstrating an act of patience.

Hence, it’s the act of employing the “Wait” emote that unravels the Spring Riddle note and concludes the quest.