The Medali Gym in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet tasks players with discovering the restaurant’s Secret Menu Item. Here’s the solution:

Gym Tests are a new feature introduced in the Paldea region where trainers need to pass a trial before getting to battle the Gym Leader. And while some of them are just simple tests of skill, others require a considerable amount of additional legwork.

Perhaps the most difficult of all the trials in the region is the Medali Normal-Type Gym, which requires players to figure out the restaurant’s Secret Menu Item.

Thankfully, we’ve got the solution for you:

Medali Gym Secret Menu Item Puzzle Solution

To solve the Medali Gym Secret Menu Item puzzle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, simply order the following from the Treasure Eatery:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium Serving
  • Extra Crispy, Fire Blast Style
  • Lemon

These answers are the same in every game, meaning you don’t need to battle the clue-giving trainers to get the solution!

Secret Menu Item Solution Medali Gym

However, if you want to learn exactly where each part of the order came from, check our full guide below!

To order from the Treasure Eatery, simply speak to the waiter shown in the image above and choose the options listed above.

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All Secret Menu Item Clues

When researching the Secret Menu Item in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, you’ll learn the following clues from trainers around Medali:

Clue 1 – Odd One Out at One of the Ice Cream Stands

When checking the nearby stalls, you can discover that one stand sells Grilled Rice Balls in addition to its frozen offerings.

Medali Gym Clue 1
Credit: ConCon

Clue 2 – A Dark Spot Surrounded by Stairs

Directly ahead of the trainer who gives you this clue is a semi-circle of stairs leading down, with a black grate at the bottom. Interact with the grate and your character will see some faint writing with the words ‘Fire Blast‘.

Medali Gym Clue 2
Credit: ConCon

Clue 3 – Listen Really Closely to the Blue Bird Pokemon

When coming out of the Treasure Eatery, chances are you noticed a man with a blue bird on his head standing in the street ahead. His Pokemon, Squawkabilly, will speak to you several times using a speech bubble, eventually saying the word ‘Meedyum‘ (AKA Medium).

Medali Gym Clue 3
Credit: ConCon

Clue 4 – A Nice Squeeze of Lemon

Finally, head inside the Treasure Eatery and talk to the man in the suit who is eating at the bar. He’ll tell you that he likes his food spiced with Lemon.

Medali Gym Clue 4
Credit: Gamers Heroes

Once you’ve given all 4 parts of the order correctly to the waiter at the front of the Treasure Eatery, it’ll be time to face off against Larry, the Normal-Type Gym Leader!

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Thanks to YouTuber ConCon for putting together an easy video guide for the steps above. Check out the full walkthrough below:

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