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Secret Agency Suppressor Buff in New Warzone Update Makes AUG OP

The Warzone update that was supposed to revert the Agency Suppressor to how it used to be is actually a secret buff.

Everyone uses a suppressor in Warzone. It is the most important attachment in the game as it keeps you off of the mini-map when you fire.

However, with the Season 2 update, the Agency Suppressor for Cold War guns got a massive nerf in Warzone. This change has since been reversed, however, testing shows that they are even more powerful than before.

Warzone Agency Suppressor Buff Increases Bullet Velocity

Raven released a new Warzone update yesterday to fix suppressors. However, YouTuber and Call of Duty weapons tester JGOD has actually found that the Agency Suppressor attachment has gotten a buff on certain guns.

At the start of Season 2, the Agency Suppressor kept players off the Warzone mini-map, but it also had a terrible negative effect. Raven accidentally changed the attachment so it decreased the bullet velocity, making the weapon way less accurate at mid to long ranges.

Raven had promised to change the suppressors to how they used to be, but according to JGOD’s testing they have now taken it too far.

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Warzone Agency Suppressor Buff Season 2

The Agency Suppressor on SMGs in Warzone now increases both range and bullet velocity, but before it just increased range. This makes guns like the already overpowered MAC-10 even better.

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Suppressor Buff Makes AUG Overpowered?

JGOD also said that the already powerful AUG is now totally overpowered thanks to the Agency Suppressor buff in Warzone.

With the Agency Suppressor buff, the meta AUG loadout now has a bullet velocity of 1100m/s. This is even faster than some sniper rifles and will help make it a laser at long ranges.

Giving this high damage weapon even more accuracy at long ranges could make it unstoppable.

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JGOD on Agency Suppressor Buff in Warzone

Meanwhile, a fellow content creator has addressed the huge cheating issues in Warzone. NICKMERCS says Warzone anti-cheat is “not even possible” at this point.

Also, a possible new game Warzone game mode featuring zombies and a nuke has been leaked. This could be the best new Warzone game mode so far.

Additionally, Raven has released a new detailed textures pack for free. Find out how to install the high resolution texture packs in Warzone.

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