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MW2 Easter Egg Hints at Second Warzone 2 Map ‘Las Almas‘

Call of Duty fans have found what they think is a hint to an upcoming second Warzone 2 map set in Las Almas from the MW2 campaign!

The highly-anticipated battle royale sequel, Warzone 2, will finally arrive very soon but fans already think they have discovered the second map coming to the game.

At the moment, Al Mazrah is the only confirmed Warzone 2 map. Despite this, a small Easter Egg in the MW2 Campaign could hint at an upcoming second battle royale map.

But before you have a look at a potential new Warzone map, here’s how to explore all of Al Mazrah before Warzone 2 releases!

MW2 Guijarro Map

Fans Think Second ‘Las Almas’ Map is Coming in in Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty fans think that the Mexican town of Las Almas could be the setting of a possible second Warzone 2 map. This is thanks to a very detailed map of the town and surrounding region being found during the MW2 campaign.

This map of Las Almas has lots of detail. Plus, it is around the right size to be a battle royale map.

Las Almas Map MW2 Campaign

Additionally, the 6v6 map Mercado Las Almas and Guijarro Ground War map take place in the town. Therefore, it would make sense that this could be expanded on to make a battle royale map.

It’s also worth noting that, reliable Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope suggested that Las Almas would “100%” be the next Warzone 2 battle royale map. However, it’s now known whether this was based on a leak or just a prediction.

Is Las Almas Going to be a Warzone 2 Map?

Las Almas could be a new map in Warzone 2.0 but Actvision and Infinity Ward have not said anything about this just yet.

At the moment, it’s important to remember that these are just fan theories and predictions rather than concrete news.

Despite this, leaks have revealed that a Resurgence map could be in development for Warzone 2, so Las Almas could be it!

Alternatively, it could be one of the new locations for the upcoming DMZ mode in Warzone 2.

Where to Find Las Almas Map Easter Egg in MW2 Campaign

To find the Las Almas map in the MW2 campaign you need to play the 11th mission, El Sin Nombre.

Before you kill Diego in his room on the second floor of the penthouse, look on the table behind him. Here, you will find the map of Las Almas that could be a hint to Warzone 2’s second map.

Las Almas Map Location
First spotted by Insider Gaming

To make this mission much easier to complete, here’s the code for Diego’s safe. Opening this will give you some powerful equipment!

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