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Where to Get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage players can purchase a Second Seal from the Item Shop in the Somniel for 2500G. The rare items, which are used to change a unit’s class, can also be found in certain Treasure Chests during combat encounters.

When encountering a Treasure Chest during combat, have one unit walk in front of it and use their action to open the container. One of these Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem Engage tend to be a good place to find Second Seals in chests.

Long-time Fire Emblem players will know the value of a Second Seal. This rare and powerful item allows units to change their Class, or reset their level back to 1 in their own Class.

The reason for switching Base Class is obvious – sometimes you just want to adjust how a certain unit performs in battle. If you already have too many units fighting at range, for example, you might want to change one into a beefier frontline unit.

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Second Seal in Fire Emblem Engage
Second Seals can be purchased from the Item Shop in the Somniel. The items will be restocked over time.

But when a unit has reached its max Class Level of 20, a Second Seal can also be used to bring that level back down to 1. The reason that experienced players do this is that characters will maintain their stats, even after having their level reset.

They are then free to grow even stronger by progressing back up to level 20 once again.

But if you want to move to the more powerful Advanced classes, here’s how to get the coveted Master Seal in Fire Emblem Engage!

How to Use a Second Seal in Fire Emblem Engage

Once a Basic Unit hits level 10, you’ll be able to use a Second Seal to change their class. To do this, press + when in Somniel and open your Inventory.

Next, select the unit and choose ‘Change Class’. With a Second Seal, you can change the unit’s class to another Basic option, or reset its level back to 1.

Bear in mind that a unit must be level 10 to change its class, and the max level 20 in order to reset its level and remain the same.

How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Engage

Second Seals can also be used on Advanced Classes in a similar way. However, a Second Seal will also allow Advanced units to regress to any Basic class of their choice (with no level requirement), even if they weren’t originally that class.

Bear in mind that you’ll need one Second Seal for EACH unit you want to class-swap, so prioritize the characters that you feel need a change.

If you’re missing a specific class type, make sure you know how to recruit all units in Fire Emblem Engage.

After all, some of the secret units that you can recruit end up being some of Fire Emblem Engage’s best romance options!

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