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Retailer Getting A Second PS5 Stock Drop in March

This is not a drill folks; Amazon will be dropping a second batch of PS5 stock this month. But it will not be this week. Here’s what we know.

PS5 stock is still hard to come by, but gradually, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter. More stock is starting to appear more frequently and in higher volumes.

This has also resulted in scalpers lowering their prices as their grip on PS5 stock loosens. Also, an innovative new "priority pass" sales system is helping legit shoppers beat scalpers.

Yesterday we reported that a Target restock would be coming anytime now. You can take advantage of that by following our guide here.

PS5 UK Restock March 2021

We also reported that Amazon would be having a significant PS5 restock in March. However, now we’ve learned that this is only one out of two restocks that Amazon will be having this month.

New Amazon PS5 Restock Inbound

According to a tweet from reliable insider Jake Randall, Amazon’s second restock will be even bigger than the first. The online retailer will be dropping “a whopping” 18,000 digital-only consoles and 28,000 disk model PS5s.

In total that’s an additional 46,000 PS5 consoles coming to Amazon. This is on top of the stock drop that will be happening anytime now.

Jake Randall’s second tweet confirms that the second restock will not be this week. So once the first restock sells out, Randall advises people to turn their attention to Target in the meantime.

We imagine Jake will confirm a date and time once the second restock is about to drop. Once that happens, we’ll be sure to do the same here.

Want to know the minute this PS5 drop goes live? Be sure to check our stock trackers below:

If you miss out this time, don't worry. After all, our ultimate guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart is certain to help you secure the next-gen device soon.

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