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Season 1 Update Causing Lag Spike Issues in Black Ops Cold War

The Black Ops Cold War Season 1 update is available to download and players are already complaining of frequent lag spikes ruining the game.

Cold War Lag Since Update

The first major update to Cold War (1.008.00) has made some games unplayable, creating unbearable lag during critical moments.

The majority of players complaining seem to be playing the PS5 version of the game.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, major updates introduce and change a lot of features meaning bugs and glitches can easily be missed in testing.

Players have voiced their concerns on Twitter and Reddit, calling for Activision to work on a fix.

One user replied to the thread saying:

This new patch is a joke. The game is almost unplayable right now.

Also; why do their patches keep resetting all my settings back to the default values? The same happened with the patch last week. All my settings were reset to the default values (brightness, sensitivity, all that type of stuff).


Others complained on Twitter calling the game unplayable:

Possible Solutions To Lag

Although there seems to be a particular issue related to the PS4 / PS5 version of the game, causing this lag, there are potential solutions.

STEP 1: Learn how you can fix lag in Black Ops Cold War

STEP 2: Check the Black Ops Cold War Server Status

These issue have come just before the release of Rebirth Island (Warzone) giving users a new experience, similar to Alcatraz from Call of Duty Blackout.

However, this time the Warzone’s Gulag Is Changing.

Let us know if you’ve been experiencing any lag in Black Ops Cold War, which platform you play on and which region you’re in.

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