Collector Edition scalpers are at it again, as Starfield Constellation Editions get listed on eBay for absurd prices.

It seems that we can’t have a limited edition product in the gaming industry lately without resellers trying to get their cut. From current-gen consoles to themed controllers, the moment something is revealed to be in limited supply, the scalpers come out to play.

After Bethesda revealed that its most expensive Starfield edition would contain an actual Constellation Explorer Smart Watch, we knew this day was coming.

Scalpers Selling Starfield Constellation Edition on eBay

A quick look at eBay’s Starfield listings reveals that scalpers are already reselling pre-orders for the game’s Constellation Edition for a huge markup.

Despite the special edition retailing for $299.99, most eBay listings for the Starfield Constellation Edition seem to be upward of $420!

That’s a $120 price increase, minimum!

Scalpers Reselling Starfield Constellation Edition on eBay
Source: eBay

And as ridiculous as this price markup seems to us, eBay’s completed listings reveal that many gamers have resigned themselves to paying the extra cash.

But if you’re looking for your own copy of Bethesda’s newest special edition, don’t resort to scalpers! We’ve got an easy way to track Starfield Constellation Edition restocks right here!

Right now, we’re still seeing Constellation Editions restocking at major retailers. And in the UK, major retailer GAME still seems to have stock left from the initial drop – suggesting that supply isn’t as limited as you may think.

Starfield Constellation Edition is Still in Stock

So it’s definitely not panic-buy time just yet, even if scalpers would have you believe otherwise.

In fact, initial eBay listings of up to $700 have clearly not sold well, leaving resellers to drop the prices down to a more ‘reasonable’ level already!

But we can’t blame people for worrying that stock will run out. After all, Collector’s Editions like God of War’s Jotnar Edition or Hogwart’s Legacy’s Floating Wand have been tricky to come by in recent history.

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