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Scalpers Are Selling PS5s on Walmart’s Store for Huge Prices

Reselling is still a huge issue for PS5 hunters, and scalpers are now selling the consoles on Walmart’s store for huge prices.

It’s now been 6 months since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and gamers are still finding it hard to track down the next-gen consoles. Despite regular restocks, there’s just not enough volume to satiate the millions of consumers looking to purchase.

What’s more, scalpers are still as active as ever, swiping consoles and selling them on for a profit. In the last week, this scalper group claims to have taken 3000 PS5s from a single Walmart drop.

(Source: Walmart)

And now it appears that the malicious buyers are selling them right away on Walmart’s own store.

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Walmart Is Selling Overpriced Scalper PS5 Consoles

Although Walmart is still selling PS5 consoles that come into stock, scalpers are also listing their products on the site.

When browsing Walmart’s stock for PS5s, some users are finding extortionate prices attached to the devices. It seems that some scalpers are using Walmart’s third-party store to sell their extra PS5s, for huge profit.

The resellers are also giving the store listings similar names to Walmart’s official releases, in order to trick automated systems and consumers. One example, listed as PlayStation 5 C0NS0LE, is going for a ridiculous $1299.

It seems ridiculous that scalpers can do this on an official site like Walmart, and then turn around and cry about being labeled as the bad guys. With millions of gamers still on the hunt for a new console, resellers should be ashamed of their actions.

walmart ps5 scalper selling
(Source: Walmart)

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We imagine that Walmart may soon make some changes to its online store to moderate resellers somewhat. After all, the retailer is already seen as being unreliable for PS5 restocks!

Those who are still looking for next-gen consoles shouldn’t consider buying from Walmart scalpers. Instead, we’ve got a new series of PS5 drops coming this week May 24-30!

What’s more, there’s even a huge Target PS5 restock practically confirmed for tomorrow. Thankfully, Sony Boss Jim Ryan assures us that the PS5 stock issues are almost over, as console production ramps up.

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