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Scalpers Listing Xbox Series X Mini Fridges For Insane Prices on eBay

The Xbox Series X mini-fridge is a reality and now it is being listed for insane prices on eBay.

What started out as a meme, is now a reality.

When the console was announced, many mocked its appliance-looking design.

After some self roasting, Microsoft decided to go along with the joke.

Now, the Xbox Series X design was turned into, a pretty convenient in my opinion, mini-fridge.

The pre-orders went out fast and the Xbox mini-fridge is piling up on reseller sites like eBay.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge eBay Listing
Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Mini Fridges at Insane Prices on eBay

Today, pre-orders for this curious collectible went live.

Within a few minutes, the Xbox Series X mini-fridge was already selling at insane prices on eBay.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Insane eBay Listing

The Xbox Series X mini-fridge sold out almost instantly on Target, the only retailer selling it, at its $99.99 MSRP.

Right after that, eBay resellers listed it up to three times its original price.

What is more shocking is that some units actually sold at that insane price.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Sold eBay Listing

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Moreover, fans jumped to social media to express their discontent with the situation.

Many pointed out that it was a shame to see all those Xbox Series X mini-fridge collectibles going to eBay instead of fans.

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Other gamers complained but the retailer’s inability to control scalpers.

Namely, some proposed queue systems to avoid resellers from getting most of the stock.

Fans additionally complained about how fast units sold out.

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Sadly, there is no confirmation of a restock for this collectible.

If it does though, hopefully, the stock will last more than 20 seconds.

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