To buy the best players in FIFA 23, you will need to know how to make coins.

The FUT transfer market can be extremely unpredictable but following certain market trends, you can easily make a ton of coins.

One of those trends is investing in players needed for high-rated SBCs, as this is a great way to increase your coin total.

Why Investing in High Overall Players is Low Risk in FIFA 23

Every overall from 84 to 89 will follow the same trend but with different price caps. If the overall is needed for an SBC, they will rise and if they aren’t needed, they will remain at their base price.

Investing in the high-overalls is a low-risk way to make coins, as they will always be needed for SBCs. Whenever a good value or popular SBC is released, the market will shift to show that demand.

This increases the price of those overall players.

While this method is low-risk, it is only low-risk when you buy at the right prices.

What is SBC Fodder?

Before we begin, you will need to understand the term “SBC Fodder”. This is a common term in the FIFA community and we will be referencing it quite a bit in this article.

This term refers to players who are not demanded to feature in people’s Ultimate Team but are demanded for completing SBCs.

Fodder players will usually all rise at the same time when that overall is in demand. The exception would be if a specific league or nation is required.

Then, those players would be priced slightly higher.

How to Invest in SBC Fodder Players in FIFA 23

To explain this concept, let’s take the 84-overall markets as an example!

84-rated players have a market low of 2,100 coins. These players have not dipped below this price since the first two weeks of FIFA 23 releasing.

When 84s are not in demand, they will typically be priced from 2,100 coins to 2,500 coins. This is the optimal time to invest.

The graph below highlights how demand will inflate player prices.

84 Overall trend for making coins in FIFA 23
84-Rated De Vrij Price Trend (Graph provided by Futbin)

On the far left is 84s at their base price of 2,100 coins. Base price means the price of that overall when they are not demanded.

The second red arrow highlights when 84s hit their maximum peak. This was due to the Max 87 Hero SBC being released.

This SBC required a ton of high-rated players, including 84s. Over the next couple of days, 84s started rising in price as more people completed this SBC.

Eventually, they reached a peak of 3,800 coins. If you had invested at the lowest price and sold at the highest price, you would have made 1,500 coins after EA tax per card.

To make as many coins as possible, you will need to mass-buy these players when they hit their low or base price. You will then hold them until they are in demand,

If you want to calculate the profits you make, you can use this EA Tax Calculator to do so.

How to Make Coins Buying 84-Rated Players

When 84s are valued at 2,500 coins or less, this is a good time to invest! The best time to sell these players is once they have reached over 3,000 coins.

Due to their price, investing in 84s will only require a low budget to get started but if you have a higher budget, you can still invest as well.

  • Budget: Low – > 30,000 coins
  • When to buy: <2500 Coins
  • When to sell: >3000 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 350 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 2,100 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 3,800 coins
84 overall players in FIFA 23
Examples of 84-Rated Fodder

How to Make Coins Buying 85-Rated Players

85s will be at their base price of around 7,500 coins but anywhere below 8,000 coins is still a safe investment.

The safe way to ensure profit is to sell once they have reached over 9,000 coins but you could take the risk and hold in the hope they reach above 10,000 coins.

  • Budget: Medium – 80,000 coins
  • When to buy: < 8000 Coins
  • When to sell: > 9000 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 550 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 7,200 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 12,800 coins
85 overall players in FIFA 23
Example of 84-Rated SBC Fodder

How to Make Coins Buying 86-Rated Players

The 86-rated market has a little less room to make coins but it can still be a safe investment! Purchase these players when they are around the 13,000 coin mark.

The best time to sell these cards is when they reach 15,750 coins or higher.

  • Budget: High – 130,000 coins
  • When to buy: < 13,000 coins
  • When to sell: > 15,750 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 1,962 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 13,000 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 16,250 coins
86 overall players in FIFA 23
Example of 86-Rated SBC Fodder

How To Make Coins Buying 87-Rated Players

The 87-rated market is the worst market to invest in as the return on investment is quite low. However, by buying at the right prices you can still make coins.

Make sure to pick these up when they hit 17,000 coins or below on the market and sell them once they hit 19,500 coins.

  • Budget: High – 170,000 coins
  • When to buy: < 17,000 coins
  • When to sell: > 19,500 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 1,525 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 16,750 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 20,000 coins
87 overall players in FIFA 23
Examples of 87-Rated SBC Fodder

How To Make Coins Buying 88-Rated Players

If you have a high budget, you can make a ton of coins by investing in 88 overall players. These players are investable below 22,750 coins but frequently hit close to 20,000 coins when they are not in demand.

When these players are in high demand, you can sell for as high as 28,000 coins but once they hit 26,000 coins, you will have excellent profit already!

  • Budget: Very High – 250,000 coins
  • When to buy: > 22,750 coins
  • When to sell: > 26,000 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 1,950 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 20,000 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 28,000 coins
88 overall players in FIFA 23
Examples of 88-Rated SBC fodder

How To Make Coins Buying 89-Rated Players

89s are by far the best market to invest in! When not in demand, these overalls hit a base price of 27,000 coins.

Then when they are needed for those expensive and high-overall SBCs, they can reach a maximum of 37,000 coins.

The profit margin for this rating is the highest out of every other overall.

  • Budget: Very High – 500,000 coins
  • When to buy: <27,500 coins
  • When to sell: > 32,500 coins
  • Minimum Profit per card (after tax): 3,375 coins
  • Minimum Market Price: ≈ 25,000 coins
  • Maximum Market Price: ≈ 37,000 coins
89 overall players in FIFA 23
Examples of 89-Rated SBC Fodder

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