Sarat’s Lair is one of the latest dungeons that players are flocking to so they can farm XP in Diablo 4.

Since the game’s huge increase in mob density in Patch 1.1.1, Sarat’s Lair shot straight up our list of best dungeons to farm XP in Diablo 4. With the extremely high amount of spider mobs and Elite enemies, we can certainly see why.

In this guide, we’ll take you through where to find Sarat’s Lair to farm XP and Legendary Gear in Diablo 4 Season 1.

Where to Find Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4

If you want to farm Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4, you can find this dungeon in The Downs area in the Scosglen region just to the Southeast of the Cerrigar Waypoint:

Sarat's Lair dungeon map icon in Diablo 4

One of the reasons Sarat’s Lair is a great way of farming XP early on is because it’s very close to the Cerrigar Waypoint.

This is particularly useful for players who have yet to unlock access to Nightmare Dungeons, which allow you to teleport directly to the dungeon entrance.

Early on, having a dungeon be so close to a Waypoint can help save time when players quickly return to farming after leaving the game to reset the dungeons.

The dungeon itself is extremely easy to beat, with only two main objectives to complete it:

  1. Destroy the Silken Spires: 3
  2. Defeat Sarat

It also has a really high mob density. The main enemies you’ll encounter in Sarat’s Lair are Spider mobs, which are brilliant for clumping together and taking out in one go. The map layout is also very narrow, meaning that you can quickly eliminate large numbers of enemies in quick succession.

All of this results in a dungeon that can net you a load of XP and a high volume of decent gear in a short space of time.

How to Farm XP in Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4

Here are some tips to help you maximize the amount of XP that you farm from Sarat’s Lair in Diablo 4:

  • Save up on Sarat’s Lair Nightmare Sigils, as these will allow you to farm the Nightmare Dungeon variant of Sarat’s Lair
    • Nightmare Dungeons have more enemy mobs to slay and will always give you greater rewards and higher amounts of XP
  • Focus on dealing high amounts of Crit Damage and AOE attacks to make the best use of the narrow layout and high mob density in the dungeon
  • Use an Elixir to boost your XP gain by 5%
    • We recommend an Elixir of Beast-Slaying or an Elixir of Poison Resistance to help with the Spider enemies
Crusader's Cathedral Nightmare Dungeon entrance in Diablo 4
An example of a Nightmare Dungeon entrance.

And that’s it! Make sure to run through the dungeon at least a few times in a row to really maximize your loot and XP gains.

Be sure to check out our best Nightmare Dungeons to farm XP guide to see other great options for farming XP in Diablo 4.

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