If you’re looking to upgrade your Crafting Bench a second time in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll need a few Sand Shells – here’s where to find them!

Your first Crafting Bench upgrade went so smoothly, so why is it such a pain the second time around? In LEGO Fortnite, players will need to visit the desert if they’re looking for an upgrade to a Rare-tier bench, and we wouldn’t recommend heading there right away.

Be sure to stock up on food that grants you extra hearts, as well as either a cooling Charm or extra snacks like Snow Berries that raise your heat resistance. And you’ll need a reliable weapon, because we’re going hunting.

Where to Get Sand Shells

The only way to get a Sand Shell in LEGO Fortnite is by defeating the Rollers that live in the desert biome.

Each Roller in the sandy area of the map (which will be in a randomly generated location for all players) will drop one Sand Shell when their health reaches zero.

Desert Roller in LEGO Fortnite

These Rollers are significantly tougher than the ones you’ll encounter in the Grasslands, but they still act and attack identically to any other variant. However, they’ll hit significantly harder, so be sure to come prepared.

Rollers like to hide by disguising themselves as rocks, only popping out when players get close.

LEGO Fortnite Desert and Rollers
Only rollers in the Desert biome will drop Sand Shells

However, it’s easy to spot them by looking for the rocks with flowers on top – these will always be Rollers in disguise.

How to Beat Desert Rollers

Like regular Rollers, Desert Rollers will only attack directly in front of themselves. They have two main attacks – a fast roll forward, and a forward bite.

The easiest way to defeat a Roller is to block its roll attack with a shield, which can be made at Crafting Benches. This will stun the enemy and let you quickly critical hit it multiple times.

Desert Roller Battle in LEGO Fortnite

If you don’t have a shield, the best strategy is dodging (Triangle/Y/CTRL) around the Roller and always staying to its side, where it cannot hit you.

Before both of the Roller’s attacks, the creature will pause and rear back. When you see this, be prepared to dodge to the side. This will make dealing with the enemies a piece of cake!

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