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Samantha Maxis Skin Makes Players Invisible in Black Ops Cold War

It seems that Samantha Maxis is a little too overpowered in Black Ops Cold War, as a new glitch makes her both invisible and invincible in-game.

Since before the launch of Black Ops Cold War Season 2, players were excited to see the return of Samantha Maxis. The long-running Zombies character has been a big part of Call of Duty history for many years now.

And finally, we're able to play as the Operator, thanks to a new Samantha Maxis bundle that's appearing in the in-game store.

Samantha Maxis Broken Black Ops Cold War
(Source: Activision)

However, it seems that Samantha picked up a few new tricks in her time spent in the Dark Aether. And those who purchased the Samantha Maxis skin early could enjoy being invisible and invincible, even in online Multiplayer.

Black Ops Cold War Samantha Maxis Operator is Broken

It appears that Samantha Maxis' Operator skin is entirely Pay-to-Win as the cosmetic is broken in-game.

Shortly after release, players reported that spawning into a game of Zombies as Samantha Maxis will lead to your player model being completely invisible.

But what's more, being Samatha Maxis in a co-op Zombies game lead to a player not only being invisible but also being completely invincible to the undead.

And unfortunately, this glitch also extended to Cold War's online Multiplayer. Samantha Maxis owners were heading into online play, being completely invisible to enemy players.

Players may remember this issue from Warzone's infamous invisibility glitch which breaks the game entirely.

And if that wasn't enough, killing the Cold War player with a grenade would also crash the server. For a few hours, the game was broken for all players.

But this isn't even the only major issue ruining Cold War Zombies at the moment.

Samatha Maxis Glitch Fix Patch Now Available

As reports began to flood in, Community Manager Josh Torres commented on the Samantha Maxis issue:

"That Dark Aether hits different. We're aware of and tracking issues with Sam."

After working on a fix for roughly 6 hours, Torres reveals that Black Ops Cold War should now be working as intended. Treyarch's quick fix appears to fix the issues above with no issues.

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We'll have to wait and see if Samantha Maxis still has her invisibility powers to some extent. However, for now, things look normal once more.

A few fans are suggesting that perhaps this was all an excuse to make another Pay to Win Black Ops Cold War store purchase. However, at least this one left quicker than last time around.

Recently, fans think they've found the most overpowered gun in Black Ops Cold War. It's not quite invisible Samantha Maxis overpowered, but the pros are reporting that it's quite the contender for the top spot.

Meanwhile, this weekend has new Double XP tokens for Cold War and Warzone players. But you need to know where to claim them, if you don't want to miss out.

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