While Fortnite has witnessed crossovers featuring TV shows, movies, celebrities, and more, a recent video has sparked speculation about the famous TikTok influencer Sam Sulek making his way into the game.

While influencers appearing in Fortnite isn’t entirely new, the tradition has typically confined itself to those already immersed in the game’s community, such as Fortnite streamers and YouTubers. Sam Sulek, however, breaks this mold.

It would certainly be big news if the TikTok personality made his way into the game, so let’s dive in and discuss the legitimacy of this Sam Sulek x Fortnite collab.

Is Sam Sulek Coming to Fortnite?

No, Sam Sulek is not coming to Fortnite. A viral video of the TikTok influencer has left fans believing he is coming to the game. However, this is a fan-made edit and is not an authentic Item Shop tab.

The TikTok video by user @morewolfyz has gathered lots of traction online, reaching over 1 million views and gaining more than 200,000 likes. It has led to many gamers believing Sam Sulek has been added as a skin.

Unfortunately, for those hoping for Sam Sulek’s arrival in the Battle Royale game, it does not seem like a likely addition.”


Who Is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is a prominent figure on TikTok and has gained significant popularity for sharing fitness-related content on the platform. By sharing workout videos on his TikTok profile, Sulek has amassed a following of over 850,000 users.

His content revolves exclusively around weightlifting and exercise routines, so his inclusion in Fortnite would undoubtedly appear unusual.

On Sam Sulek’s account, there appears to be no mention of Fortnite or even a hint that he plays the game. As stated, content creator skins are usually exclusively given to regular Fortnite players. This makes his arrival extremely improbable.

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