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How to Salvage in Diablo 4: Maximize Materials & Crafting Power

Optimize Your Loot with Expert Salvaging Techniques

If your inventory is looking a bit too full, you’ll want to make use of the Salvage feature in Diablo 4. This handy trick lets you break down items into raw materials, as well as unlocking new transmog appearances for your character.

Diablo 4 players can Salvage their items into crafting materials by heading to a Blacksmith in one of the game’s towns or villages.

Interact with the Blacksmith and select the Pickaxe icon, then choose each item you’d like to Salvage in your inventory. This will remove the item, providing raw materials and unlocking its appearance in the Wardrobe.

How to Salvage in Diablo 4

Alternatively, you can mark items as junk in your inventory before choosing ‘All Junk’ to have the Blacksmith Salvage all your junk loot at once.

The Blacksmith can also Salvage all your Common, Magic, or Rare items at once, should you select those options.

What Does Salvaging Do in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Salvaging an item will turn it into crafting materials to help you build other items.

The item that you Salvage will be destroyed, but the process also permanently unlocks its appearance for your character via the transmog system.

Wardrobe in Diablo 4

Head to your Wardrobe (visible with an icon on the map in any major town) and you’ll be able to equip your character with the item’s appearance indefinitely, even though you’re not actually wearing it.

You’ll even be able to apply new pigments to the armor, changing its appearance to your liking.

Diablo 4 Wardrobe Transmog

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Where to Salvage – Blacksmith Location in Diablo 4

The first area you’ll come across with a Blacksmith is in Kyovashad. You’ll be able to spot a Blacksmith on the map by looking for the hammer and anvil icon.

Blacksmith Location - Diablo 4 Salvage Guide

Simply interact with the Blacksmith and you’ll be able to salvage your items into crafting materials directly from your inventory.

Salvaging is a great way to free up some space while earning you some raw materials, but be sure to check an item’s price tag by hovering over it first.

You may be more inclined to sell more pricey weapons and armor at a merchant, rather than disassembling them into scrap.

Obrusz the Blacksmith in Diablo 4

Be sure to keep your best items around though, as you’ll need them to create some of Diablo 4’s best builds!

After all, you’ll need to be as decked out as possible when it comes to beating the Diablo 4 Beta’s Ashava World Boss!

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