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Saints Row: How to Get the Marshall Rocket Launcher Before Launch

Despite Saints Row’s launch being a few months away, you can already unlock the Marshall Rocket Launcher!

Saints Row is launching in some months, but fans are already getting some content before they visit Santo Ileso for the first time.

Since the game was announced back in Gamescon 2021, fans have been excited to dive into the franchise’s new direction.

Saints Row’s developer and publisher are already ensuring the game’s hype grows even further before launch.

To secure this, Saints Row Boss Factory launched recently along with several content rewards for the fans. One of these bonus content rewards is the Marshall Rocket Launcher for Saints Row!

Saints Row Key Art
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How to Unlock Saints Row’s Marshall Rocket Launcher Before Launch

We get it. You are a hardcore Saints Row fan and want every bit of content before the game launches. This is entirely understandable, especially after the last fantastic Saints Row gameplay reveal!

Fortunately, you can unlock the Marshall Rocket Launcher by linking your Saints Row account to your platform of choice.

After linking your account, this reward automatically unlocks in-game as you play Saints Row for the first time.

It is simple to do this, but keep in mind you can only link one platform to your account. For this reason, you can only unlock the Marshall Rocket Launcher on the Saints Row platform you choose to link to your account.

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Saints Row Connect Account Platform
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How to Link Your Saints Row Account With Your Playstation, Xbox, or PC Account

Follow these simple steps to link your Saints Row account to your preferred platform:

  • Go to Saints Row’s official site from your preferred browser
  • Click on “Sign Up / Log In” on the right corner of the screen (on mobile, you will need to tap “Menu” on the left corner to find this option)
  • If you do not have an account, create one or use the “Sign in with Google” option
  • Once you log in or create your account, the site will ask you to connect your account to your preferred platform
  • Choose the platform you want to link, keeping in mind you can only link one platform per account, and the Saints Row Marshall Rocket Launcher will unlock on that platform only
  • Log into your PSN, Xbox Live, or Epic Games account
  • After logging in, you should receive a confirmation

Once you complete these steps, a confirmation message will let you know this reward will be ready when you start Saints Row for the first time.

Remember to play the game on your PC or console using the same account you linked to your Saints Row account to receive the Marshall Rocket launcher.

As well, keep an eye on the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda 2022 Showcase! There is a chance more information about Saints Row could be revealed then.

Marshall Rocket Launcher Confirmation Message
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