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Saints Row Gameplay Leak Reveals Combat, Story, Customization & More

There’s a massive new Saints Row leak and we’re getting to see actual gameplay for the reboot at last.

One of the most exciting parts of Gamescom 2021 was the reveal of a new Saints Row reboot. It’s been years since the last mainline Saints Row title hit store shelves, and we didn’t know we wanted it back this badly.

However, many viewers were unimpressed with Deep Silver’s latest offering. With nothing to go off beside a CGI trailer with Watchdog 2-esque characters, it’s hard to blame them.

Now though, we’ve got all-new footage of Saints Row gameplay, and it looks like an excellent return to form for the franchise. Allegedly, the gameplay below was initially shown to creators behind closed doors, but now it’s leaking for the whole internet to see!

saints row reboot gameplay leak
(Source: Deep Silver)

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Saints Row Reboot 13-Minute Gameplay Leak

In a new Saints Row reboot gameplay leak, we finally get to see the title’s combat, rival gang factions, story, and more.

It seems that a new 13-minute gameplay trailer is now in the public’s hands, thanks to a leak by SRDominatrix.

The YouTuber appears to have gotten their hands on a showcase that was shown to select viewers behind closed doors. However, after watching it, we’re certain that it would have been better for Deep Silver to release this footage at Gamescom instead.

In many ways, the leaked footage reminds us of the official ‘Welcome to Santo Ileso trailer’ which premiered on August 27. However, the new video has far more to show off in terms of actual gameplay, combat, and customization.

It looks like many classic Saints Row gameplay elements are returning, which is sure to satisfy fans of the series. We get more insight into the backstory of the Saints, adding some depth to their characters too.

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Saints Row Reboot 13-Minute Gameplay Leak
(Source: Deep Silver)

Saints Row Customization

This time around, Saints Row has more customization options than ever. Not only does The Boss, your playable character, have more customization in both appearance and voice options, but they’re not the only thing you can change.

Santo Ileso is your plaything too, and the world around you is free to change however you’d like. Taking over select locations around the map will allow the Saints to create their own business ventures, each with their own unique style.

Each district of Santo Ileso has its own personality too, and there are 9 in total. Whether you’re wingsuiting off of the tall financial district or partying it up in the homeplace of the rich and powerful, there’s plenty to explore.

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And it appears that we’ll also be able to play the Saints Row reboot in co-op mode with a friend, although no gameplay appears in the leak!

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saints row reboot
(Source: Deep Silver)

Rival Gangs

When it comes to your plans to take over Santo Ileso as the largest criminal empire, you’ll have 3 rival factions to deal with:

  • Los Panteros: The street-hardened natives of Santo Ileso. This gang is melee-focussed and fond of tradition.
  • Marshall Defense Industries: With advanced weaponry and tremendous wealth, Marshall Defense Industries is a private military conglomerate. Expect significant resistance when engaging them in combat.
  • The Idols: Motivated by fame and notoriety, they see themselves as icons in the new world order. The Idols are an overwhelming force, with flashy imagery and tremendous numbers.

It appears the Saints Row reboot footage is already getting removed by Deep Silver. However, now that it’s out there, the publisher will have a hard time making sure it’s gone for good.

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In other news, Xbox is planning a massive acquisition once again, it seems! Last time this happened, Bethesda games became Xbox-exclusives, and PlayStation fans are already getting nervous.

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