If you are eager to play Saints Row, the Boss Factory lets you create your in-game character right now!

This iconic franchise is getting a reboot, but it is keeping all the great elements that make it so memorable.

Since the Saints Row was announced back at Gamescom 2021, it was clear the over-the-top nature of the game was still at its core.

After seeing more of it in recent gameplay trailers, the hype for the game has grown among fans.

Unexpectedly, Deep Silver Volition shared a free downloadable game/app called Saints Row Boss Factory.

If you want to get your Saints Row fix before launch, Saints Row Boss Factory is the best way to go!

Saints Row Boss Factory Main Menu

What is Saints Row Boss Factory – How to Download, Create, Share, & Upload a Character

Saints Row Boss Factory is a mini-game that allows gamers to create their in-game character for the upcoming Saints Row game.

You can import the character you create to Saints Row once it launches on August 23. The game offers many customization options, allowing you to get as creative as you want.

This is not surprising, considering Saints Row’s philosophy is always being as exaggerated as possible. Proof of this is the latest Saints Row gameplay reveal, which showcased a wingsuit!

How to Download Saints Row Boss Factory

Downloading this game is pretty simple, and to top it off, it is free! Saints Row Boss Factory is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, PS4, PS5, and PC.

There are several methods you can use to download the game. Depending on what platform you have available. Here is how you can download Saints Row Boss Factory to your console or PC:

Using a Mobile or PC Browser

  • Go to the Saints Row Boss Factory download site
  • Select your platform of choice
  • For PC:
    • Select Epic Games
    • Click on “Get”
    • Sign in to your Epic Games account if you have not already
    • Click “Place Order”
    • Launch Epic Games Launcher on your PC
    • Go to Library and click “Install” below the Saints Row Boss Factory icon
  • For PS4 & PS5 Consoles:
    • Click on PS4 / PS5
    • Select either PS4 or PS5 once the new site loads
    • Click on “Add to Library”
    • Sign in if needed
    • Now click on “Download from Library”
    • Click on the “Download” and select your PS5 console to download
    • You can view the status of your download on the “Download” tab
  • For Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Consoles:
    • Click on Xbox One / Series S/X
    • Click on “Get Free”
    • Sign in if needed
    • Click on “Install To”
    • Select your Xbox console and click “Install Now”

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Saints Row Boss Factory Download Site

Directly From Your Console

  • For PS4:
    • Go to the PlayStation Store from the main menu
    • *Go to Search and look for Saints Row
    • Move to the results on the right and select the game
    • Select the Demo version and then select “Download”
  • For PS5:
    • Go to the PlayStation Store from the main menu
    • *Go to the Search icon on the right and look for Saints Row
    • Move to the results below and select the game
    • Select the ellipsis (…) button and select “Demo”
    • Select Download

*Note: If directly searching for Saints Row Boss Factory does not populate any results, go to the Saints Row product page and look up the demo version.

  • For Xbox One & Xbox Series X:
    • From the main Xbox menu, scroll down and select Store
    • Select Search and look for Saints Row Boss Factory
    • Move to the results above and select the game
    • Choose “Get Free” and proceed to download
Download Saints Row PS5

Directly on PC via Epic Games Store

  • Open Epic Games Launcher on your PC
  • Search for Saints Row using the search bar
  • Select the Saints Row icon
  • Once on the game’s page, scroll down until you find Saints Row Boss Factory
  • Click on “Play Free Now”
  • Click “Place Order”
  • Go to your Library and download the game
Saints Row Boss Factory

How to Create a Character in Saints Row Boss Factory

Creating a character in Saints Row Boss Factory is quite easy. To create your own character, follow these steps:

  • Start the game and get past the welcome screen
  • Select the “Create Boss” option
  • Once there, you can pick a preset or edit an already existing boss
  • You can customize the boss’s outfit, body, skin, hair, head, face, tattoos, and personality
  • Once you are happy with the design, go to the “My Bosses and Presets” option
  • Go to the “My Bosses” tab and select the “Save New Boss” option
Saints Row Boss Factory Create a Character

How to Upload & Share a Character

Once you have created a boss, you can upload it and share it with the community and friends. To achieve this, follow the steps:

  • From the main menu, select the “Create Boss” option
  • Then select “Share and Import Bosses”
  • To Upload and Share:
    • Select “Manage and Share Bosses”
    • From the “My Bosses” tab, select the boss you want to upload and share
    • Select “Share”
    • Pick the tags you want to add to this boss
    • Once done selecting tags, select “Share”
    • After the upload is complete, select “Continue” in the success message
    • The game automatically moves you to the “Upload” tab
    • To get the share code of the boss you have uploaded, select it on the Upload tab, and you should see the “Share Code” just above the “Apply All” option
    • You can give this code you your friends so they can find your boss
Share Saints Row Boss Character

How to Import a Character

Saints Row Boss Factory allows you to import heroes you like from other creators. To import a character, follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, select the “Create Boss” option
  • Before proceeding, make sure you have already saved all the changes to your current preset on the “My Bosses and Presets” option
  • Once you have saved your preset, select “Share and Import Bosses”
  • There are several ways you can find bosses other creators have uploaded; select the option that works best for you:
    • Browse Bosses
    • Search by Tags
    • Search by Share Code
    • Favorite Creators
    • Upvoted Bosses
  • Once you find a boss you would like to import, select it and choose “Apply Boss”
  • Proceed to select one of these options to import this boss:
    • Apply All – To import all of this boss’ features and outfit
    • Apply Body – To import just the body features
    • Outfit Apply – To import just the outfit
  • Now go back to the Create Boss menu
  • Select “My Bosses and Presets”
  • Move to the “My Bosses” tab
  • Select “Save New Boss” to save this imported preset
Import Character Saints Row

Go and create as many bosses as you want! Remember, all of them are playable as soon as Saints Row launches.