The safes in the MW2 campaign mission Alone hold the key to your survival, so fans should really write down their codes before heading in. Fortunately, we’ve already found them for you.

Sneaking around in the mission Alone is akin to a survival horror game. Soldiers hunt you down as you limp from building to building looking for supplies.

However, scattered across this horrifying level are safes containing powerful weapons that could turn the tide of battle in your favor. All you have to do is find the codes.

Of course, this isn’t the only safe in Modern Warfare 2. In fact, there is a secret safe you may have missed in the El Sin Nombre mission that requires its own hidden code.

How Many Safes Are There in Alone?

There are two safes to find in the MW2 campaign mission Alone, both of which appear much later on in the mission, and in short succession of each other.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to progress through the mission as a limping, injured Soap for just a little while before you can access the weapons stashed away in these safes.

Where Are the Safes in Alone?

The First Safe – Coffee Shop

To get to the first safe, you’ll need to reach the coffee shop which you will do naturally by following the mission objective. From there, just follow these instructions:

  • Head right once you’ve entered the coffee shop and you’ll find a locked door. You’ll need a Pry Tool to open it, so make sure you’ve crafted one.
    • To craft a Pry Tool, simply open up your inventory by pressing up on the D-Pad on console and selecting the Pry Tool option from the radial menu. You will need 1 Binding and 1 Metal to craft it.
    • If you don’t have enough metal, there is some next to a fan in the room to the right.
  • Inside the room, you’ll find the safe on the floor.
  • The code is listed on the calendar above the desk to the left.
  • Interact with the safe and input the code.
the first safe in the MW2 mission Alone in the coffee shop
The first safe in Alone is found inside the coffee shop

Inside the safe, you’ll find a silenced .50 GS pistol and a throwing knife, which will be incredibly useful in taking down the Shadow Company soldiers hunting you.

The Second Safe – Garage

To get to the second safe in the MW2 mission Alone, you’ll need to exit the coffee shop and head straight to the garage. From there, just follow these instructions:

  • After dropping down from the second floor of the cafe, head left and then turn immediately right
  • You should see an open door at the back of the cafe. Go through it.
  • Head through the door that says “El Maistro” above it and you’ll be inside the garage.
  • Walk through the garage until you reach the back room which is located on the left side of the building.
  • Inside you’ll find the safe on the floor.
  • To find the code, head out of the room and turn right. You should see a glowing laptop screen.
  • Head over to it and read the code written on the open document.
  • Go back to the safe and interact with it. Input the code.
the second safe in the MW2 mission Alone in the garage
The second safe in Alone found inside the garage

Inside the second safe, you’ll find a Crossbow and a throwing knife. Once again, these are perfect silent weapons to take out the Shadow Company soldiers.

What Are the Safe Codes in Alone?

There are two separate safe codes that you will need in Alone to open both safes. These are the codes you will need:

  • Safe 1 – 10 10 80
  • Safe 2 – 37 60 80
the codes for the first and second safe in the MW2 mission Alone
The code for the first safe (left) and the code for the second safe (right)

While finding these codes can be a bit of a hassle, the rewards you receive for opening them are incredibly helpful for this survival horror mission.

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