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New Rumor Suggests PS5 Pro May Release in 2023

Could a PS5 Pro console release in 2023, just 3 years after the original console? One insider is certain that’s the case.

The PS5 only came out last November, and has become Sony’s fastest-selling console of all time. However, a new rumor indicates that there could be a new PlayStation model on the way in just a couple of years.

While the PS5 is the most powerful console Sony has ever released, gaming technology always progresses very quickly. This means that Sony has to be planning for the next console years in advance.

Although, a new rumor suggests that a new ‘Pro’ model of the PS5 could release as early as 2023. Find out the details below.

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Rumor Suggests PlayStation 5 Pro Will Come Out in 2023

We already know that a new PS5 Digital model will be releasing in the next few months, but that is just a slightly updated design. New rumors suggest that a fully-fledged PS5 Pro could release much sooner than anticipated.

In the Sacred Symbols+ Podcase episode 110, tech expert Tom N/A from the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead revealed some interesting info about the possibility of a PS5 Pro.

When asked if and when Sony will release a PS5 Pro, Tom replied: “I know they will, 2023”. This would be extremely soon, but might make sense considering that the huge PS5 shortage could be over, thanks to Sony securing more chips.

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Additionally, he elaborated that his industry sources told him this rough time period, but they didn’t reveal any other details about the console. However, Tom predicts that a PS5 Pro model would be a “bigger leap” than the previous PS4 Pro model and could cost over $600.

“I’m pretty sure you’re going to get one [PS5 Pro] by 2024, most likely by the end of 2023.”

Tom N/A, Sacred Symbols+ Podcast

Would you like to see a PS5 Pro model release in 2023? Let’s just hope that PlayStations are easier to purchase by then!

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New PS5 Digital Edition Redesign Confirmed, Lighter Than Original

Meanwhile, new leaks have revealed some exciting new titles that could release in time for the PS5 Pro. Firstly, Bloodborne dev FromSoftware is working on a new game.

Also, it looks like a brand-new Wipeout game is in development for PS5. PlayStation fans have been waiting for the return of this classic series for ages!

Finally, reports suggest that Walmart has PS5 stock in-store for walk-ins. This is huge news for anyone wanting to pick up a new console.

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Sunday 12th of December 2021

Hey Sony keep your new consoles. They are not worth the money.

Brant Robinette

Friday 20th of August 2021

Releasing in 2023, available for actual MSRP in 2027.


Thursday 19th of August 2021

Hopefully theres enough to go around crazy how walmart is even reselling them for almost 1k im sure that's illegal

Wake up!

Sunday 15th of August 2021

And no one will be able to buy them. You think I jest? Look at our botched escape from Afghanistan, our enemies are going to seize territory. China has been eyeballing Taiwan, like it eyeballed Hong Kong, and it will take because they think the west of weak. What's in Taiwan? Semiconductors, TSMC. What's in China and a lesser extent, Russia? Rare earth minerals. China takes Taiwan and now controls TSMC's manufacturing capability and cuts off rare earths to the west. Checkmate. Western economies collapse because everything now relies on semiconductors. Thank God for our great "Western" leaders. Good luck getting your PS5. Or your new phone, car, tv, medical equipment....


Monday 16th of August 2021

@Wake up!,

You are spot on. We are so screwed. I tried to plead with Microsoft to buy TSMC and open source their tech all over the world, but people think that I am crazy.