A new rumor regarding the potential Nintendo Switch 2 has hinted at the console having a 120Hz screen, 64GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM.

Despite no announcement, or even a tease, there is certainly hype building for a potential Nintendo Switch 2.

It has been almost seven years since Nintendo last released a new console, and fans are anticipating a new one could launch soon. Now, a rumor has teased the potential hardware of the system.

Rumour Claims to Know Nintendo Switch 2 Specs

According to a rumor by the Taiwanese Economic Forum, the Nintendo Switch 2 will have:

  • NVIDIA T239 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  • Greatly improved battery life
  • Screen refresh rate of 120Hz

The article, which has been translated onto Reddit by user RojaTop, states that “Nintendo is likely to launch the new generation in the second half of this year, and some hardware specifications will be upgraded.”

In terms of upgrades, if this leak is true, it would mean the storage of the system would remain the same. The Nintendo Switch also holds 64GB, according to Nintendo’s official site.

Meanwhile, the screen refresh rate of 120Hz would be a notable upgrade from the 60Hz the console has now. Whereas, the 8GB of RAM would be double the current specifications.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will also have an upgraded and newer Tegra processor, the NVIDIA T239.

Nintendo Switch console
Nintendo Switch console / Credit: Nintendo

When it come’s to the reliability of these rumors, the Taiwanese Economic Forum, doesn’t have a great track record for Nintendo news. So, we recommend taking this with a big pinch of salt.

Interestingly, though, reliable NVIDIA insider Kopite7kimi did leak that Nintendo would use the T239 processor back in 2021.

The leaker was previously accurate in stating that NVIDIA would showcase their Nvidia RTX 40 Super series graphic cards at CES 2024.

Either way with any and all leaks, we would always recommend to take them lightly, and simply wait for official confirmation.

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