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Rumor: 1-2-Switch Sequel Could Be Announced in May With Imminent Release Date

According to a rumor, a sequel of the Nintendo Switch party game, 1-2-Switch, could be announced in May.

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is a massive hit, with the console having sold over 100 million units

However, a game that flew under most people’s radar was 1-2-Switch, a launch title that was met with average reviews.

It seems Nintendo may deem it a success though, with Nintendo possibly announcing the sequel very soon.

New 1-2-Switch for Nintendo Switch Could Be Coming Soon

A recent tweet from a leaker suggests that Nintendo could be announcing a sequel to 1-2-Switch fairly soon. Better yet, with a release coming imminently after.

Samus Hunter, a Nintendo Leak and Rumors user, tweeted a vague post about an upcoming Nintendo game announcement.

Nintendo Switch 1-2-Switch Promotion

While the game isn’t directly confirmed as a 1-2-Switch sequel, the tweet capitalizes the words which give clues to it being a sequel to the party game. It also provides clues on the announcement arriving in May.

Strangely, the word “everyone” is also capitalized, indicating the sequel could include the word Everyone in the official title.

While this leaker has provided some reliable information over time, there are some issues with their accuracy.

However, the confidence in the tweet could hold some value to it. However, we suggest taking it with a pinch of salt.

Despite this, it will be interesting to see how the announcement would be regarded. Regardless, there are plenty of Nintendo games to be excited about in 2022!

If you want to get your Switch party games going sooner, the release of Nintendo Switch Sports is coming up. Find out more about the upcoming sequel to Wii Sports here!

However, if you’re wanting a new Nintendo game to play, check out our review on the latest Kirby game.

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