The newest lineup of Nvidia GPUs, including the RTX 4070 Super, will launch in just a few hours time through many retailers. Here, we give you an insight into specific hours and timeframes for this drop!

RTX 4070 Super Launch Time

Update – The RTX 4070 cards went live at the predicted time on most retailers. Some cards are still in stock! If you care about specific SKUs and overclocked models, we covered an extensive deep dive into all RTX 4070 models available at launch and where to buy them!Original story follows:

Based on the previous launch of the RTX 4070, the Nvidia RTX 4070 is expected to start going live around 8 AM ET. However, this will vary depending on the retailer.

This means there are left before the RTX 4070 launches!

Here we share with you a table with some of the retailers that will carry RTX 4070 Super in stock and an approximate launch time based on the release time of the RTX 4070:

RetailerPossible RTX 4070 Super Release Time
Best Buy8:00 AM ET
Amazon8:30 AM ET
Newegg8:00 AM ET
Antonline8:05 AM ET
Nvidia8:00 AM ET
RTX 4070 Super Trailer

Tips to Get an RTX 4070 on Launch Date

Getting launch hardware on the date of release is tricky but not impossible! Here are some tips that can give you an edge:

  1. Never wait until the last minute. Be at least an hour early. Then, have the RTX 4070 product page of the retailer you prefer ready in the browser.
  2. Checking out fast is key! Make sure your account with that retailer is up to date and all billing and shipping information is accurate.
  3. Do not get greedy! Most retailers limit the amount of GPUs you can get to a single unit per customer.
  4. Be patient. Stock often drops intermittently in batches and not at once. Even if the site claims stock is gone, remain there for some time and refresh every minute to check if more units were added.
    • Most retailers drop stock and add more in 10-minute to 15-minute intervals.
  5. Avoid mobile devices and use a desktop. Resolving these on a PC is much easier if you encounter any checkout issues.

The time is almost here. May the odds be ever in your favor, gamers. Happy RTX 2070 Super hunt!

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