Infinity Ward has just released a weapons balancing update that has nerfed the RPK and Fennec in Warzone 2, two of the most dominant weapons in the current meta.

The Fennec now does less far damage and less damage to armor. While the RPK suffered a hit to its recoil and a reduction in its damage ranges.

The RPK has been the most popular weapon in Warzone 2 Al Mazrah since its release back in November. These changes reduce its overall effectiveness at long range, which was one of the reasons it was such a dominant choice.

This means that the current Warzone 2 meta is going to see a shift in the coming days.

All Weapon Balancing Warzone 2 Patch Notes – February 24

Here are all of the weapon buffs and nerfs introduced in the latest Warzone 2 balancing update on February 24:

Assault Rifles

  • RPK
    • Increased initial bullet vertical recoil
    • Increased horizontal recoil
    • Reduced damage ranges
  • Kastov 762
    • Reduced damage ranges
  • ISO Hemlock
    • Fixed an issue causing .300 Blackout Ammunition to register as hitscan.


  • Fennec 45
    • Reduced far damage
    • Reduced damage against armor
      • Requires 2 additional bullets to break 3 Armor Plates

Battle Rifle

  • FTac Recon
    • Increased sprint speed
  • Lachmann-762
    • Increased damage range
    • Reduced ADS speed
    • Reduced hip spread min
    • Increased hip  spread while moving
    • Increase sprint speed
  • SO-14
    • Increased movement speed
  • TAQ-V
    • Reduced near damage
    • Reduced muzzle velocity
    • Reduced far damage range
    • Reduced movement speed


  • Incendiary Ammunition
    • Residual Incendiary damage will no longer eliminate Players
    • Fixed an issue that prevented residual Incendiary damage from being applied to Armor.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Sniper Rifles to down Players with 3 Armor Plates in a single shot while using Incendiary Ammunition.

You can see all bug fixes and more in the February 24th update in the full list of patch notes on the official Call of Duty Blog.

With these weapon balancing changes, the new long-range meta will likely consist of:

But it is possible that players may still choose to use some of the slow reload light-machine guns like the SAKIN MG38 for the added firepower and range.

When it comes to the close-range meta, this Fennec nerf paves way for SMGs like the Lachmann Sub and Vaznev-9K to shine.

Thankfully, we have the guides you need to get the best loadout for both of these weapons: