Rope is one of the most important items in Sons of the Forest, as it’s used in a lot of key crafting recipes such as bows or traps. However, given that this is not a naturally occurring resource, it’s not one that’s easy to come by.

The best place to find Rope in Sons of the Forest, is inside the white caves that are marked on your GPS. These caves will often have several piles of Rope to pick up, either inside containers or on the floor.

Rope is also a common spawn in Mutant Campsites, though these areas will be more dangerous to visit.

Furthermore, Ropes are sometimes found inside containers are part of beach debris. You may even get some included as part of your initial starting loot in the containers around your spawn point, though this is not guaranteed.

And, using one helpful trick, you’ll be able to reset all containers in Sons of the Forest and open them once again – giving you infinite loot!

Rope in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find Rope in Sons of the Forest

The best places to find Rope in Sons of the Forest are:


The safest place to search for Rope is at the beach. Look for shipwrecks and debris in particular, as beaches often have a number of containers to search.

In one playthrough, we discovered Rope right at our beach spawn point (though it’s possible to spawn in the forest or mountains too), but next time we weren’t so lucky.

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Mutants make good use of Rope to tie up their victims, which is how you find yourself bound after being knocked out by them in-game.

Although you’re in for a fight when raiding these areas, they’re full of lootable containers that hold useful items. If you want to find the nearest camp, simply get defeated by a mutant and you’ll wake up in a loot-heavy area.

As far as we can tell, there are no consequences to doing so, and you’ll be able to grab your inventory before escaping.

Mutant Camp Sons of the Forest


Pull up your GPS (Left on the D-Pad/M) and you’ll see several white cave icons. These areas are often full of Rope and more times than not are completely safe!

Seek out each of the white cave icons on your map and head inside. Many of them are simple loot rooms with crates to break open for items and no enemies in sight.

Other caves can be dangerous, however, so be sure to come prepared.

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How to Make Rope in Sons of the Forest

There is currently no way to make or craft Rope in Sons of the Forest. However, given that the game is in Early Access, it is possible that the ability to create the tool will arrive in the future.

In the original The Forest, Rope was initially not craftable before the v0.18 update allowed users to combine Cloth into Rope.

After all, Rope is made using natural plant fibres which are twisted or braided together. Seeing as ancient Egyptians were creating rope back in 4000 to 3500 BC, there’s no reason why Son of the Forest couldn’t add the ability to create it.

Types of Rope in Sons of the Forest

There are two types of Rope in Sons of the Forest. They are:

  • Rope
  • Zipline Rope

The two items are not interchangeable, as they have different uses.

Regular Rope is primarily a crafting item or a building material. Zipline Rope, on the other hand, is used in conjunction with the Rope Gun to create ziplines, allowing you to quickly move around the map.

Zipline Ropes can be crafted by combining Rope and Grappling Hooks

Unfortunately, while the 3D printer can make Grappling Hooks in Sons of the Forest, it cannot make Rope itself.