Making your way around the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map can be a struggle, but with the new Rogue Bike, your journey will be much easier.

This vehicle is extremely lightweight and will move quickly across all terrain, allowing you to even make it up those steep slopes.

The Rogue Bike also has a new “Superslide” functionality that will let the bike make swift and easy turns. Here is everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Rogue Bike:

The Rogue Bike in Fortnite

Where to Find Rogue Bike Locations in Fortnite MEGA

The race track, located directly to the north of the new Mega City POI, is a guaranteed spawn for this new bike, although they won’t spawn in the same location each match.

Players will also be able to find this bike across the Fortnite map, as it is a common spawn found near almost every POI, particularly in the new areas such as Drift Ridge, Fallow Fuel, and Neon Bay Bridge.

You will be able to find these bikes parked on the edge of the road near these POIs, and from our experience, they will spawn quite frequently.

Heading to one of Fortnite’s three Gas Station locations is a great way to acquire one of these bikes early in the match. In our testing, we found the Rogue Bikes have a higher chance of spawning at the Gas Stations, although it is still not a 100% guarantee.

Mega City Race Track fortnite Map
Race track north of Mega City

GamingIntel can also confirm that the Rogue Bike spawns found in other parts of the map are set locations. However, the vehicle will not spawn in these spots every game.

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Rogue Bike Controls in Fortnite

  • Boost
    • Circle / B / Left Shift
  • Horn
    • Down on D-pad / B
  • Switch Seat
    • R3 / Right Analog Stick / Left CTRL 
  • Get on/off bike
    • Square / X / E
  • Superslide/Trick
    • L1 / LB / Space (Hold)

While riding this vehicle, you can also shoot and aim at nearby enemies. Simply L2/LT/Right mouse click to aim and then R2/RT/Left mouse click to start shooting at your opponents.

Rogue Bike controls Fortnite

How to Do Tricks on the Fortnite Rogue Bike

To perform tricks on your Rogue Bike, hold down L1/LB/Space while your vehicle is in the air. On top of that, you can rotate the bike midair using the analog sticks or your movement keys.

You will not be able to perform any tricks while the bike is situated on the ground.

The Rogue Bike is not the only new vehicle in the latest Fortnite season. Check out the all-new Nitro Drifter car, which has the ability to drift around corners.

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