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Leak Suggests Huge Rockstar Games Will Be Remastered Soon

A huge leak has teased that remasters could be coming soon for some of Rockstar Games' greatest works.

Leaks have been in abundance recently, especially for Rockstar Games. This has been brought about by the reveal that the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series is now in development.

It's spurred leakers to go digging in Rockstar's business, and it's turning out some exciting info. Of course, some of these leaks could be unfounded, but it's fun to dream, right?

rockstar games remaster leak
Rockstar Games' release timeline - so far

Recent leaks have suggested a release date for GTA VI, and some extra rumors stemming from a Rockstar employee profile.

One leak in particular has brought a lot of information to light. An anonymous 4chan user who claimed to have insider info on Rockstar went on an hour-long Reddit AMA and offered a lot of info.

The insane leak revealed GTA VI's protagonist, story, map, and more. But they also revealed a couple of other details that are looking incredibly promising, and pertain to a couple of remasters coming soon.

Rockstar's Leaked Upcoming Remasters

The remaster/ remake debate has been raging in the community for the longest time. Everyone has a game they'd love to see revamped with the next generation in mind.

And it just so happens that those games, for most players, are in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Many players grew up with the franchise (no matter how child unfriendly the series may be), and this inspires a lot of wishful thinking regarding early GTA titles.

Well, for those of you who grew up on the digital streets of San Andreas, you could be in luck.

grand theft auto san andreas remaster leak
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The leaker, as a part of the Reddit AMA, was asked if a GTA San Andreas remaster could be coming soon. They responded with "the anniversary is coming up, right?"

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It's a cryptic tease, but one that has excited a lot of fans. If anything else in this leak comes to be true, then it's safe to assume the leaker could be telling the truth regarding this remaster too.

Plus, that's not the only remaster that gets a mention. The leaker also suggests that a remaster for Red Dead Redemption could also be coming soon. They indicate that this new release would come before the release of GTA VI.

This comes paired with the information that suggests that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be getting a next-gen upgrade too. It wouldn't overhaul the graphics, but improve load times and lock the game at 60fps. But quite frankly, we don't think RDR 2 needs a graphics upgrade at all.

Red Dead Redemption remaster leak
Red Dead Redemption

This is an incredibly exciting prospect, and if these rumors were true, would be huge for Rockstar. We all know these remasters would sell like gangbusters, and would set Rockstar up to make GTA VI even better.

GTA 6 has been subject to endless speculation so far this year. Hints have suggested it could be revealed at the Super Bowl, and that the game's NPCs will be heavily upgraded.

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