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Rockstar Games Teases Expansion to GTA 5’s Map

A new teaser has appeared on the Rockstar Games Twitter, and players believe it could mean an expansion is coming to GTA 5.

Recently, player speculation went wild after a music video by Gorillaz was set in GTA 5. This is not only because the video took place entirely inside Grand Theft Auto 5 but also because the track teased a new island’s release at the end of it.

Shortly after, the video was taken down, with some publications claiming it was due to an in-game spoiler.

Since then, rumors have been pretty heavy surrounding GTA Online’s “biggest expansion ever.” Now, it seems that perhaps the new area of the GTA V map might just have been a genuine leak after all.

Rockstar Teases GTA 5 Map Expansion

In a new post on Twitter, Rockstar Games teases a new expansion to the GTA 5 map. At least, that’s what we think they’re getting at.

In a cryptic new video, the Grand Theft Auto developer shows off “El Rubio Dossier.”

gta 5 new island 2

The video appears to show quick images of a new GTA Online island. If confirmed, this truly will be the biggest expansion to the game since its release.

Although Los Santos is quite the tropical area itself, this new island looks to be a paradise away from home. There are palm trees, sandy beaches, and acres of farmland to explore.

gta 5 new island 1
gta 5 new island 3

Of course, this is the world of GTA 5, so there’s also some criminal activity to be found. In fact, a body known only as John Doe has ended up dead on the beaches of Los Santos.

According to reports, his last visual contact was at Los Santos airport, and he has known affiliations to El Rubio.

In the past, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, stated that a new location coming to GTA Online would feature “a new take on Heists.” Perhaps this body’s discovery will be the turning point of the GTA Online storyline that leads us to the new island expansion.

gta 5 new island 4

We’ll have to wait to find out more, but players are certainly excited to head back into GTA Online.

GTA Online – The Game That Refuses to Quit

It’s amazing to think that GTA Online has now been on 3 separate generations of consoles. First launching on the Xbox 360 and PS3, the game then got a remaster and is now launching yet again.

Meanwhile, GTA Online has seen far more attention that Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer ever did. Rockstar Games know what they have their hands on with this title, that’s for sure.

In the past, Reddit users have even speculated that GTA Online was teasing GTA 6. Unfortunately, it seems that a new installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise might still be a while away.

At least while GTA Online continues to rake in cash, it’s probably hard for Rockstar to settle on the GTA 6 release date. Instead, gamers are treated to yet another port of GTA port coming to the new generation of consoles.

Here’s everthing we know about GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced.

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