Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors have been swirling around the community as of late, but now it seems Rockstar Games themselves are the source. The company generously sent out Christmas gifts to some of their employees. Now, fans have pointed out that they could contain hints towards the GTA 6 location.

Is Vice City the GTA 6 Setting?

There has been ongoing speculation for a while now as to where the next iteration in the GTA franchise will be taking place. Previously, it seemed as though Vice City would be the GTA 6 setting. Soon after Diamon Heist launched, eagle-eyed fans noticed a possible teaser embedded within its artwork. The word ‘service’ was split into two, making ‘Vice’ featured.

GTA 6 Vice City Teaser

With GTA 6 heavily touted to launch within the next few years, it seems like a logical explanation that this is a hint towards the next title. It appears fans have jumped the gun on this a little though. If Rockstar’s next teaser is anything to go by, Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be taking place in Vice City.

GTA 6 Location Could Be Based in Jamaica and Colombia

Forget Vice City, GTA 6 might be taking place in South America – with two particular locations in mind. In celebration of the festive season, Rockstar Games sent out a series of gifts to their employees – most of which resemble elements from past Grand Theft Auto titles. Pictures of these quickly emerged onto social media. The photos show a slew of different badges, two of which include both the Colombian and Jamaican flags.

GTA 6 Location - Colombia and Jamaica

Considering Rockstar Games doesn’t have any sort of headquarters based in these countries, it seems rather strange for them both to be included. Unless, of course, the GTA 6 location will be across both of these two countries – or maybe even South America as a whole.

This potential teaser may have corroborated previous rumors, which suggested the title will be inspired by the Narcos series. There’s no way to know for sure where GTA 6 is taking place, but these two badges certainly hint towards Colombia and Jamacia.