Rocket League – PS4 Pro Support & Hot Wheels DLC Cars

Rocket League - PS4 Pro Support & Hot Wheels DLC

Rocket league is coming to the PS4 Pro in 4K and 60 fps! Along with this update, Psyonix and Panic Button are bringing us new DLC Cars called Hot Wheels, which will be the released the same time as PS4 Pro support update (February 21st)! Find out more on the Rocket League PS4 Pro Support and Hot Wheels DLC cars below.

Rocket League PS4 Pro Support

Rocket League PS4 Pro Support Update

Rocket League was originally on PS4 and cross-platform with PC. Since it’s cross-platform update many fans have been desperate to see Rocket League cross-platform with PS4 and Xbox One. This is definitely a possibility as Psyonix did say more updates will be coming in 2017. That’s not all that was confirmed, in the update Psyonix also announced that PS4 technical problems with Rocket League will be improved. 4K on the PS4 Pro at 60 frames per second will be available in all arenas on single player, two-player and three to four-player split-screen modes.

Rocket League Hot Wheels

Rocket League Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are coming to Rocket League. This Car DLC will cost $1.99 USD for exclusive wheels and six decals. Psyonix have a treat in store for everyone (even those who don’t purchase the dlc)! Everyone will be able to find a free Hot Wheels Antenna and Topper, “Treasure Hunt” flag, and “Shark Bite”.


Hot Wheels and Rocket League join forces on February 21 with two iconic street machines: Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III (Each car sold separately)! Both cars come with wheels and six exclusive decals to customize your rides in the Garage.

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