Rock Octoroks are the most useful enemies in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK as they can repair your weapons in seconds! Here’s where to find them:

If you’re having issues with weapon durability in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re not alone. The BOTW sequel didn’t improve on the game’s biggest issue (namely, the fact that your blades will shatter after just a few swings) but it did give us a solution to the problem.

Now, if you’ve got a high-value weapon and you don’t want it to break, all you need to do is seek out a Rock Octorok.

Best Rock Octorok Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rock Octoroks are primarily found in the northeast of Hyrule, around Goron City in Zelda TOTK.

If you’re looking to use the Tears of the Kingdom weapon repair trick, you’ll want to start out at Sibajitak Shrine, just north of Death Mountain (Coordinates: 2399, 3273, 0402).

Where to Find Rock Octoroks in Zelda TOTK

Note: Do NOT forget to dismiss all of your Sages using their Vows in your Key Items inventory. Octoroks will die in a single hit, so the last thing you want to happen is for Tulin to hit one with an arrow while it’s repairing your weapon for you.

Rock Octorok Location #1 – (2411, 2447, 0375)

From Sibajitak Shrine, head north, behind the Shrine’s entrance. As you head down the hill, you’ll come to your first Rock Octorok location. Continue to head further down this path and you’ll soon find 6 more Octoroks!

Rock Octorock Location 1 - Zelda TOTK

Rock Octorok Location #2 – (2369, 3489, 0361)

Continue down the slope which gradually turns to the left. You’ll find a second Octorok only a few seconds away from the first location.

Rock Octorock Location 2 - Zelda TOTK

Rock Octorok Location #3 – (2355, 3599, 0307)

There’s one more Rock Octorok waiting for you as the mountain path heads to the right. Using your glider or a flying machine, you can cut the corner and be right on it in seconds.

Rock Octorock Location #3

Rock Octorok Location #4 – (2381, 3680, 0289)

Then, only a second later, you’ll find your fourth Rock Octorok almost directly below the letter K from the Eldin’s Flank map label.

Rock Octorock Location #4 Zelda TOTK

Rock Octorok Location #5 – (2273, 3699, 0237)

As the path takes a left turn, you’ll soon come across a fifth Octorok just waiting to help you repair your favorite sword.

Rock Octorock #5 Location Zelda TOTK

Rock Octorok Location #6 & #7 – (2170, 3640, 0228)

Finally, to finish your weapon repair trek, there are two final Rock Octoroks waiting side-by-side just a little further along.

Rock Octorok Location #6 & #7 Zelda TOTK

How to Repair Weapons With Rock Octoroks in Zelda TOTK

To get a Rock Octorok to repair your weapon for free, here’s what you need to do.

  • Get close to a Rock Octorok
  • Drop your damaged weapon from your inventory
Link dropping a weapon next to a rock octorok in TOTK
  • Wait for the Octorok to suck up your weapon
  • You should see a sparkle as the Octorok repairs the weapon
A rock octorok repairing a weapon in TOTK
  • It will then spit the weapon back at you, at full health. Be sure to block!

Note: Each Rock Octorok can only repair a single weapon for you in TOTK! After they’ve repaired your sword, simply defeat the enemy and wait for the next one to spawn at the next Blood Moon to reset the process.

Also, special weapons such as unique amiibo weapons cannot be repaired in this manner. However, by dropping the weapon and Fusing it to another item, you’ll be able to trick the Octorok into repairing it anyway!

How to Get to Tarrey Town in Zelda TOTK

You can then use Pelison’s services at Tarrey Town (Coordinates: 3993, 1633, 0128) to split apart any Fused item for just 20 Rupees.

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