The Riot Shield has received a movement nerf for the upcoming MW3 and Warzone Season 1. This weapon will now make you move slower when equipped a certain way.

The Riot Shield was always an excellent option to equip as a secondary, as it would protect your back from incoming shots. This weapon didn’t have many downsides when it was stowed away.

However, now, there is a big con to using the Riot Shield. It will make traversing the maps that much harder.

Riot Shield Gets a Nerf

The Riot Shield has been nerfed to reduce your movement speed by 10% when equipped on your back as your secondary.

This now means you can run this shield and protect yourself from behind, but you will need to weigh up whether you want to receive a decrease in movement.

Raven Software confirmed this in its patch notes for the upcoming MW3 & Warzone Season 1.

Riot Shield on back of player

The Riot Shield has been running wild in MW3 Multiplayer matches, with many players using it on maps such as Shipment and Rust.

These users would throw a stun grenade and sprint towards you with a knife. It was tough to counter on the close-quarters locations, so this nerf will undoubtedly be good news for fans of the game.

However, some positives exist for players who enjoy using the Riot Shield as a melee weapon. The damage output has been increased by 50% from 50 to 75. This means it is now a two-hit kill.

Additionally, there has been no change to movement when the Riot Shield is equipped, just when it is on your back.

Riot Shield Call of Duty

Fans Happy With Nerf

The Warzone community is excited about this nerf, stating it has been a long time coming and should have happened a while ago.

Many players rejoiced in this news. This Call of Duty fan exclaims, “Thank god,” after learning about the nerf.

Meanwhile, this X user states that updating this OP melee weapon took too long.

Others simply celebrated upon hearing about the Riot Shield nerf in MW3 and Warzone.

Based on the reaction from the community, it seems nerfing the Riot Shield was the right decision. With movement speed lowered but damage output increased, it is a win-win for melee enjoyers and the rest of the player base.

Let’s hope the developers can keep making the changes the fanbase is looking for!

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