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How to Get & Use Ring Garland in Zelda: TOTK

Not all love is lost in the kingdom of Hyrule.

You’ll encounter many unique items in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK. One which stands out is the Ring Garland.

What’s a Ring Garland, you ask? Picture a circle of flowers tied together artistically. That’s precisely what this TOTK item looks like!

Here’s an interesting fact: the Ring Garland doesn’t come with instructions. But players have discovered a neat trick.

When a specific NPC sees Link with this floral accessory, some secret dialogue is unveiled. Now, isn’t that something?

Where to Find Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom

You can purchase the Ring Garland in TOTK from the NPC, Koko, in Kakariko Village. Here you can purchase the item for 5 Rupees.

Ring Garland Location

After you speak with Koko and agree to pay the 5 Rupees, you’ll see the Ring Garland in your inventory. Koko doesn’t tell you much about what the Ring Garland is for, but they mention that it is made with lots of love.

After you find the Ring Garland, you’ll need to Fuse it with your shield before you head out to search for this next area.

Ring Garland TOTK
Source: MonkeyKingHero

To do this, drop the Ring Garland on the floor in front of you, and use the Fuse ability to attach it to your shield.

What Do I Do With the Ring Garland in Tears of the Kingdom?

Currently, the only use players have found for the Ring Garland is that it activates special dialogue when you interact with Asahi’s voe class in Gerudo Shelter in the evening.

But this interaction only occurs during the evening. If you try to go there during the day, Asahi will scold you for interrupting their class.

Gerudo Shelter Location

When you arrive at nighttime, speak to Asahi and agree to help with the class on voe. Follow along with the class until it’s time for Daltan to speak.

She will comment on how love, luck, and happiness have already abandoned her. Thankfully, she’ll see the Ring Garland that you have, and it’ll cause her to change her tone.

Daltan will comment on the Ring Garland and mention that it’s “famous for binding the destinies of people.”

She’ll draw the conclusion that this lucky encounter must mean that her luck and love have yet to forsake her.

Unfortunately, there is no special reward, but it’s a nice little story in TOTK that players can only encounter with the Ring Garland.

But if you are looking for something special for Link, the Royal Guard Armor can be found early on in Tears of the Kingdom.

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