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Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez Is Already Appearing in MultiVersus

Despite not officially launching yet, Rick Sanchez already seems to be appearing in matches of MultiVersus.

Open Beta has finally arrived for MultiVersus and Warner Bros.’ platform fighter is already a huge success. Not only is the game feeling even better than it did in Closed Alpha but we’ve got 2 new characters to try out in-game.

Both Iron Giant and the newly-released LeBron James are available now, and they’re rising to the top of the MultiVersus tier list already. But those aren’t the only new fighters on the way to the game.

Ahead of the official release date for Rick and Morty in MultiVersus, it seems that the Rickest Rick is doing what he does best – getting into places he shouldn’t.

MultiVersus Rick and Morty
WB Games

MultiVersus Players Spot Rick and Morty Character In-Game

A series of strange reports suggest that Rick is already in MultiVersus, ahead of his release alongside Season 1.

Right now, it seems that a new bug is causing Rick to appear when a player is grouping up with a teammate online. In the character select screen, fans are noticing their partner occasionally hovering over Rick in-game.

As far as we can see, the upcoming character might not actually be able to be chosen just yet. Most likely it’s a bug where the game is mistaking a different character for the scientist and displaying an incorrect model.

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Rick Sanchez MultiVersus
ConnorEatsPants / WB Games

When the Open Beta went live, dataminers were quickly able to make Rick playable, but it’s unclear if this is possible online. However, if it is, it’s surely the quickest way to get yourself permanently banned from the platform fighter.

With only a few more days until Rick actually releases alongside Morty in-game, it’s best to avoid playing alongside the character in-game for now. You won’t want to risk losing your account, especially given how slow progression can be.

Here’s how to get gold fast in MultiVersus, to quickly unlock Rick, Morty, and more! You can see the upcoming character below, in a clip from streamer ConnorEatsPants.

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